List of Orthopedic Mergers and Acquisitions from 2010-2011 |

List of Orthopedic Mergers and Acquisitions from 2010-2011


List of Orthopedic Mergers & Acquisitions from 2010-2011
(newest to oldest by announcement date)

Sep 2011
Ascension Orthopedics acquired by Integra LifeSciences  for $65M
Suzhou Best acquired by Microport Orthopedics  for $17M

Aug 2011

July 2011

Salient Surgical acquired by Medtronic for $525M
PEAK Surgical acquired by  Medtronic for $120M
KCI acquired by private equity firm Apax Partners for $6.3B
Arthrocare’s Parallax and Contour spine lines acquired by NeuroTherm for undisclosed
Robinson MedSurg acquired by Bacterin for $1M
June 2011
Memometal Technologies acquired by Stryker for $162M
Amplitude acquired by Apax France, a large joint manufacturer for $66M
Amplitude was acquired by Apax France for undisclosed
Voyant Health acquired by  Brainlab for $10M
TENET Medical Engineering acquired by Smith & Nephew for undisclosed
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions acquired by Altor for undisclosed
May 2011
SeaSpine acquired by Integra Orthopaedics for $89M
Orthovita acquired by Stryker for $316M
Norian assets of Synthes acquired by Kensey Nash for $22M
Impliant was acquired by  Premia Spine for undisclosed
ProChon Biotech acquired by  Histogenics for stock
April 2011
Synthes acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $21.3B
Smith & Nephew Interventional Spine Pain Mgmt acquired by NeuroTherm for undisclosed
March 2011
Applied Spine Technologies was acquired by Rachiotek for undisclosed
NovaLign (certain IP) acquired by  FlexFix/VentureMD for undisclosed
Beijing Wei Rui Li Medical (majority stake) was acquired by China Kanghui for undisclosed
Feb 2011
Genzyme was acquired by Sanofi-aventis for $20.1B
NovaLign, certain intramedullary designs acquired by Sonoma Orthopedic for undisclosed
Jan 2011
Cardo Medical’s joint arthroplasty assets was acquired by Arthrex for undisclosed
Nerites acquired by Kensey Nash for $20M
Townsend Design acquired by Thuasne for undisclosed
Facet Solutions was acquired by Globus Medical for undisclosed
Dec 2010
Surgical Biologics acquired by MiMedx for undisclosed
Stryker’s OP-1 bone growth factor acquired by Olympus for $60M
Sodem Diffusion/SoPlus power tools acquired by Zimmer for undisclosed
Small Bone Innovations’s shoulder assets acquired by FX Solutions for undisclosed
Nov 2010
Anspach was acquired by Synthes for undisclosed
Oct 2010
Porex Surgical acquired by Stryker for undisclosed
Acrobot was acquired by Stanmore Implants for undisclosed
Sep 2010
US Spine acquired by Amedica for undisclosed 
Aug 2010
Osteotech acquired by Medtronic for $123M
VertiFlex (certain spine assets) acquired by Exactech for undisclosed
July 2010
Cytosol Labs was acquired by Biomet for undisclosed
OrthoIT3 acquired by Global-Med Technologies by undisclosed
June 2010
May 2010
Brighton Partners polyethylene technology was acquired by Exactech for $5.5M
April 2010
Eska Implants was acquired by Summit Medical for undisclosed
Synergetics’ Sonopet/Omni lines acquired by Stryker for $3M
March 2010
ApaTech was acquired by Baxter for $330M
Praxim Orthopaedic acquired by Synergy for undisclosed
iBalance was acquired by Arthrex for undisclosed
BoneGrafix (minority stake) was acquired by Global Biotech for undisclosed
Feb 2010
Advanced Bio-Surfaces’ OrthoGlide ankle was acquired by Memometal Technologies for undisclosed
Jan 2010
Dec 2009
Scient’X acquired by Alphatec Spine for $116M

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