How to get a ton of resumes and save money with your recruiting |

How to get a ton of resumes and save money with your recruiting

If you want to save money on your Orthopedic recruiting, you are going to want to know these tips. I am a retained recruiter in Orthopedics. I know what I am talking about.

By the way, don’t call me. 

First of all, post the job opening on your company website. This is a super cheap method and will make you feel good. Shortly after posting, you will get a bunch of online resumes.  Most of these people will be unqualified. However, some may be qualified even if they are unemployed or under-employed (B and C players).  This will give you a lot of work in sorting through the resumes and trying to find that diamond in the rough. You may get lucky. And even better, the resumes will just keep coming.

Secondly, post your job opening on LinkedIn. LinkedIn only charges you about $1.50 per click and you will get hundreds of resumes. This will really turn on the resume spigot for you.

Thirdly, call a recruiter but don’t pay them any money up front (upfront payments are used in a retained search). Instead, hire a contingency recruiter to do a contingency search. This will save you money up front.

The contingency recruiter will look through his database and quickly contact his “‘B and C Player” candidates that he has talked to before. Then the contingency recruiter is going to send you these un-employed and under-employed candidates. You will receive these “B and C” resumes right away. B and C candidates are “active” candidates because they are actively looking for a job.  You will not be able to tell that you are only seeing only “B and C” candidates, so it doesn’t matter.  It will feel good to get a bunch of resumes quickly.

Another cost savings for you is that these contingency recruiters search fees are usually lower because they spend less time actually recruiting for your company.  So, you will get this benefit also.

Contrarily, I will bring you the “A-level” candidates.  My “A-level” candidates are stars. They are currently doing a great job at your competitor and they are not looking for a new position. These  “A-level” candidates are called a “passive” candidates because they are not looking for a new job. They are happy and getting promoted where they are.  But to see my “A-level” candidates, it will take a little longer and you will have to pay me a retainer up front.  And you really don’t want to do that.

So, hopefully, with these tips, you are going to be able to save a ton of money.  Isn’t this what its all about anyway, saving money for the company?