List of 27 Trauma Startups |

List of 27 Trauma Startups

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  1. Accelalox Inc. (Menlo Park, CA) developing an orally delivered small molecule therapy to accelerate bone fracture healing, funded by management and Angel investors, Julia O’Connor (CEO)
  2. ActiveProtective (Allentown, PA) developing a belt with a built in airbag for the elderly susceptible for falls and hip fractures
  3. Acute Innovations (Portland, OR) spinoff from Acumed, plating and cable systems for rib fractures and sternum closure
  4. Advanced Orthopedic Solutions  – AOS (Los Angeles) Trauma nails for Femur, Tibia, Humerus. Plates for Humerus.
  5. CarbonFix Orthopedics Ltd (Israel & Memphis,TN) Carbon IM nails, Carbon plates, and the Fixion Expandable IM nail manufactured by N.M.B Medical Applications Ltd.
  6. Conventus Orthopedics  (Minneapolis) small bones fracture fixation putting screws through metaphyseal cage that looks like large nitinol stent
  7. DGIMed Ortho (Minneapolis, MN)  IM nail without the need for distal targeting, designed for 3rd world markets, Dr. Ramon Gustillo founder
  8. Disc-O-Tech (Israel) developing carbon fiber low-modulus plates and nails, acquired by Kyphon
  9. EDGe Surgical (Chicago, IL) Ortho EDG, a single-use electronic depth gauge that assists surgeons in placing orthopedic screws in trauma and spine cases.

  10. ExtraOrtho (Memphis, TN) [ACQUIRED], acquired by Zimmer Nov2011 for undisclosed amount, fka QFx until May 2009, QFx Damage Control System created by engineer Michael Mullaney, it is a new type of clamp that connects the pins to the external rods in Ex-Fix systems, the clamp can rotate in many directions, making it easier for the surgeon to connect a rod to the pins, which may be sticking out of the patient’s body at different angles.  Funding in 2009
  11. FlexFix, LLC (Logan, UT) ACQUIRED, focused on commercializing its proprietary implantable “flexible-to-rigid” technologies in the orthopedic and spine markets, acquired by IntraFuse, LLC.
  12. Flow-FX (Chicago) IM nails and Hip screws that provide for delivery of biologics agents at fracture site
  13. Flower Orthopedics (Horsham, PA)  FlowerCube products are standardized, procedure-based, single-use, disposable, bone-fixation concepts, no sales rep is needed
  14. FXDevices (Boca Raton, FL)  MISSING IN ACTION
  15. Hand Innovations (Miami) [ACQUIRED] , a one product company acquired by DePuy in 2006 for $75M.  The Distal Volar Radius (DVR) plate changed the standard of surgical treatment from dorsal fixation to volar fixation. 50,000 plates were implanted by 2006. Founded by Dr. Jorge Orbay
  16. IlluminOss Medical, Inc. (East Providence, RI)
  17. Intelligent Orthopaedics, Ltd. (UK)
  18. IntraFuse – minimally invasive fracture fixation of the long bones of the extremities and thorax, portfolio company of Surgical Fronties (fka VentureMD)
  19. Merlot OrthopediX (Cleveland, OH) founded in 2004, spun out of Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 2005, focused on bone-anchoring plates invented by Izador Lieberman, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic for application in spine and trauma, currently lead by Paul Erikson
  20. NovaLign Orthopaedics, Inc. (Memphis,TN)  [ACQUIRED]Sonoma Orthopaedics acquired assets Feb 2011.
  21. Orthopedics Designs – ODi (Tampa) pop out distal fixation with Talons, not screws
  22. The Orthopaedic Implant Company- OIC (Reno) Founded in 2010.  OIC implants cost 50 to 60 percent less than the average market price of premium implants. OIC’s high-quality, low-cost implants and products can be used for a variety of procedures, including treatment of orthopedic trauma and spinal injuries. All OIC products are FDA approved and manufactured in FDA approved facilities.
  23. Skeletal Dynamics (Miami) Second Extremities company founded by Dr. Jorge Orbay. His first company, Hand Innovations, was acquired by DePuy.  Products include Align Radial Head system, Geminus volar plate for distal radius, and IMplate wrist arthodesis nail
  24. Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc. (Chicago, IL) [ACQUIRED]Raised $22M in Series D Feb 2011, acquired by Arthrex in 2017
  25. Suspension Orthopaedic Solutions (Annapolis, MD) products address difficult-to-treat injuries while simultaneously providing surgeon-friendly alternatives to existing solutions for all targeted injuries: The Suspension™ Clavicle Fracture Fixation Systems and the Suspension™ AC Joint Injury Repair System both designed to address injuries to the Shoulder Suspensory Complex.
  26. TST R Tibbi Aletler (Istonbul, Turkey) pTelescopic IM nails for kids with long bone lenthening in kids with osteogenesis disorders  
  27. X-Bolt Orthopaedics (UK and Ireland) Hip fracture nails and plates with a Molly bolt fixation mechanism. Irish surgeon who also invented TightRope quit his practice to pursue X-Bolt.

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  1. Dan Martin January 4th, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    where did you get the number for the $75M price for Hand Innovation in 2006?


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