Chinese implant maker, Bonovo Orthopedics, to sell hips and knees |

Chinese implant maker, Bonovo Orthopedics, to sell hips and knees

Bonovo® Orthopedics, Inc. Launches New Division Focused on Joint Reconstruction (press release)

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bonovo® Orthopedics, Inc. announced today that it has formed Bonovo Recon™, a new division dedicated to accelerating the growth of Bonovo’s hip and knee product development and sales initiatives. Bonovo Recon begins operations with a full line of hip and knee products for sale to the China orthopedic market.

“Bonovo has developed one of the most comprehensive total joint design and development teams in China, along with a full pipeline line of products. The formation of Bonovo Recon provides Bonovo with a more focused platform to continue making investments in this exciting market.”

Bonovo entered the joint reconstruction market in China in 2007 through the acquisition of Kangknow, Inc., a Tianjin-based hip company. In 2008, Bonovo partnered with Japan Medical Materials, Inc. (JMM) to bring a full line of imported hip and knee products to the Chinese market. Through the JMM partnership, Bonovo has introduced the first ceramic bi-surface knee system to China designed specifically for the Asian anatomy and lifestyle with improved knee flexion and durability. Bonovo’s newly formed reconstruction division has a full pipeline of cemented and uncemented hips and knees undergoing clinical trials in China, as well as a product development and instrument design team located in Beijing.



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