The most ambitiously collaborative network ever forged in the orthopedic space, brought to you by Tiger Buford

What is BoneChat ?

A private, subscription-based community tailored for ortho professionals who are seeking meaningful and confidential conversations, networking, and access to experts to enhance their business and career.

Two collaborative spaces for members:

1/ Mobile Slack Community (your private space): 
Communicate with members on your Slack app on your phone 24/7 privately.

2/ Weekly Zoom Meetups (your public space):
Attend weekly calls with members every Thursday at 3:00p EST with an orthopedic expert. Calls are recorded and shared here.

Why BoneChat now ?

You want more… and you are NOT getting it from public social media platforms or medical conferences.

Whether you are a CEO, Sales professional, Engineering leader, Marketing expert, MD entrepreneur, or Supplier, your BoneChat enrollment gives you more agency:

  • Greater Industry Knowledge: Learn about new startups, new innovations and new business models in orthopedics.
  • Deeper Personal Network: Connect with new like-minded individuals who genuinely want to help each other build companies and grow professionally.
  • Group Coaching and Collaboration: The culture of BoneChat members is to genuinely help each other. 1+1=3 and as the membership grows the net usefulness grows exponentially.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from experts in the field. Weekly a member will share are their knowledge, experiences, and learning in orthopedics. Participate in discussions, Q&A sessions with people who have actually done it.
  • Career Development: Explore potential career paths and opportunities within orthopedics. BoneChat serves as a valuable resource for professionals and aspiring individuals looking to advance their careers.
  • Stay up on Trends: Hear about the latest trends in orthopedics. BoneChat keeps you informed and connected to the forefront of the field.
  • Flexibility: With sessions held every Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern Time, BoneChat offers a convenient schedule, allowing you to participate without disrupting your daily routine.
  • Privacy: On the Slack platform that is part of your membership, you can have private conversations with other members about anything.


The 1st 50 “Founding Members” get in at $100/month. Limited spots available.
After the 50th, the price will double. We are at 34 members to date.

Your 1st month is risk free, and you can also quit anytime.

💬 HINT. Most members expense the subscription to their company.

How to get access ?

Upgrade yourself in just two steps.

1/ Click on the Get access here

2/ Download the free Slack app on your cell and/or desktop.

Makeup of BoneChat members to date

  • 34% are CEOs.
  • 22% work in Sales
  • 24% work in Engineering or R&D
  • 13% work in Marketing, are MDs or are Suppliers.
  • 7% are capital allocators (VCs, PE, debt, lending).

Early Testimonials

  • BoneChat fills a void that traditional platforms couldn’t. It offers depth, confidentiality, and access to unparalleled expertise.” – [startup CEO]
  • “I’ve gained tremendous insights and connections through BoneChat. It’s a must for anyone in the orthopedic industry.” – [Sales leader]
  • “Confidentiality is key for me, and BoneChat has provided that safe space to expand my thoughts and connections.” – [Job Seeker]