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What is BoneChat:
The only private community for ortho industry insiders like you (C-level, sales, marketing, M&A, bus dev, R&D, finance, quality, regulatory, clinical, suppliers, consultants, job seekers, service providers, and investors). The BoneChat app is always right there on your phone.

Why join:
1/ You may need a competitive edge in our hyper-competitive world of orthopedics. The group gives you confidential access to experts, new companies, jobs, valuable insights to advance your career or business. Ask anything and get an answer.
2/ You may need a safe confidential place to collaborate outside of your employer and the public forums like LinkedIn. 

How to join:
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The 1st fifty “Founding Members” get in at $100/month. After the 1st fifty, the price will double.

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Makeup of BoneChat members in May 2023:

  • 34% of Members are CEOs or Founders.
  • 22% of Members work in Sales
  • 24% of Members work in Engineering or R&D
  • 18% of Members work in Marketing, or MDs or Suppliers

Early Testimonials:

I think something like this was needed, where people can get into more depth, with more confidentiality, than other completely public available avenues allow.

“Thank you Tiger. BoneChat has been a great resource for me. I’ve learned so much from the other members, and I’ve made some great connections. I highly recommend it to anyone in the orthopedic industry.”

“One of the things that I like most about BoneChat is that it is a safe and confidential space to discuss ortho industry topics and employers. I can ask questions without fear of judgment, and I can share my thoughts and ideas without fear of them being shared publicly. This has allowed me to be more open and to grow.”

Discussion channels to date:

  • acquisitions
  • ama
  • announcements
  • company-lists
  • eumdr
  • funding
  • general
  • hot-or-not (we talk about the great cos and the dog cos)
  • introduce-yourself
  • jobs
  • medical-shows
  • mentoring
  • nuvasive-globus
  • orthofix-seaspine
  • selling
  • startups
  • suggestion-box