The Power of the BoneChat Community: A Testimonial from pitch sink’s Founder

Guest post from Steven Flutie-Davis, the founder of pitch sink.

Launching a startup can be a solitary journey, fraught with challenges and uncertainties. This was the experience I, Steven Flutie-Davis, founder of pitch sink, encountered in the initial stages of establishing our company. However, the turning point in our venture came when we discovered BoneChat.

Building Networks and Developing Partnerships

For me, the most significant benefit of engaging with the BoneChat community was the invaluable connections it facilitated. This forum became a cornerstone for pitch sink, providing a platform that introduced us to now current advisors and ecosystem partners. These new relationships were not just about networking; they brought with them a depth of industry knowledge and experience that was instrumental in guiding our startup during its formative stage. Crucially, many of these connections evolved into strategic partnerships that have been vital in scaling our operations and extending our market reach.

Testing and Refining Our Business Model

Another critical area where the BoneChat community proved indispensable was in the testing and refinement of our business model and pricing strategy. The diversity within the community, which includes seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts, allowed us to gain diverse perspectives on our approach. Their feedback was instrumental, enabling us to iterate our model effectively and align our services more closely with market demands. This collective wisdom not only saved us valuable time and resources but also significantly de-risked our business propositions.

Gaining Confidence and Affirmation

The support from the BoneChat community went beyond just business advice; it instilled a deep sense of confidence in our vision. Knowing that a network of peers supported and believed in what we were building helped to bolster my resolve and fuel our collective passion. This affirmation was crucial, providing both emotional support and constructive criticism that were essential for our growth and development.

Leveraging Connections for New Opportunities

A compelling instance of leveraging the BoneChat community unfolded when I reached out on LinkedIn to someone who had seen my presentation on BoneChat. Though I had not met this individual before, their familiarity with my work and the topics I discussed provided a strong foundation for our conversation. This encounter quickly revealed a shared vision and complementary goals, illustrating the direct impact of BoneChat on facilitating not just connections but actionable business opportunities. This interaction not only broadened our network but also reinforced the value of engaging deeply with specialized communities.


For me and pitch sink, BoneChat has been more than just a forum; it has been a catalyst for growth, learning, and connection. The community has not only provided us with practical tools and advice but has also forged a network that continues to influence the trajectory of our business positively. As we continue to evolve and expand, the lessons learned and relationships forged through BoneChat will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping our future.