I hated recruiters!



Like you, I became totally frustrated with the quality of the recruiting process.  After receiving low quality resumes over and over again from recruiters, I felt like throwing a chair. Something was broken.


I Found the Problem

At the time, I didn’t know why the resumes were so wrong until I uncovered the problem in one little word…  “Contingency”. The dirty little secret in recruiting is that the contingency model is flawed. Companies who use contingency recruiters do not realize that they are getting lower talent, less commitment to the search, less vetting of candidates and little loyalty.

Contingency recruiters aren’t the problem.  The problem is the business arrangement. Contingency recruiting is built on a Low Commitment relationship for both the company and the recruiter.

Both parties fall into the trap. Companies will default to the contingency recruiter because they believe it’s “low risk”. Contingency recruiters default to this model because they believe it’s easier to get a foot in the door of your company.


Righting the Wrong

So, after successfully exiting my last startup, I decided to do something about it.

TigerRecruiting was born out of this frustration. My mission is to be the recruiting service that I wish I had access to during my career. My service is built on “High Commitment“.


The Better Way

The retained recruiting arrangement is based on a High Commitment Relationship with you. You put some skin in the game with a small up-front payment. And I have your company’s interests and goals foremost in mind during the search until your position is filled. You will get the best and most honest advice I can give you and you will get the best candidates available. Guaranteed!

You are out there building a great orthopedic company every day. You shouldn’t fall into the trap of “Low Commitment” contingency searches.

Engage Tiger for a High Commitment search.