The Stryker mobile training center to start touring 10 cities in China |

The Stryker mobile training center to start touring 10 cities in China




Strykermobile Begins China Tour (written by Walter Eisner @ OTW)

The Strykermobile has hit China to demonstrate and sell the company’s products.

Stryker Corp. announced on August 25 that Stryker Greater China’s Mobile Training Center (MTC) is about to begin a one-year, ten-city tour in China. Locations will include smaller locations with limited access to advanced medical technology and educational services and allow for hands-on training, product demonstrations and after-sales services.

The MTC is a convertible truck equipped with, according to the company, Stryker’s state of the art medical technology and educational resources that will provide a classroom and lab environment for healthcare professionals around the country. Stryker’s training and education team will accompany the MTC and provide systematic education programs as it tours China.

“Healthcare resources are primarily concentrated in China’s largest cities,” states William Jin, Managing Director, Stryker Greater China. “Surgeons and other healthcare professionals in smaller cities lack access to advanced medical technology and the opportunity to learn new clinical techniques due to deficiencies in funding and facility space. Stryker is the first medical technology company in China to provide a mobile training solution, a breakthrough in the medical device education and training industry in China.”

Stryker ventured into China in early 2009 with the opening of a manufacturing plant in Suzhou.

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