4 new spine products from Globus Medical at NASS |

4 new spine products from Globus Medical at NASS


Globus Medical to Highlight New MIS and Deformity Products at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting

Audubon, Pa.-based spinal implant company Globus Medical recently announced it will be highlighting new minimally invasive spine surgery and deformity products at the North American Spine Society annual meeting, according to a Globus news release. The company will be showcasing four recently-launched products:

  1. Caliber, which is a vertically expandable lumbar fusion device for use during minimally invasive spine surgery to restore disc height with controlled distraction. Surgeons insert the device at a contracted height to reduce the amount of nerve root retraction required.
  2. InterContinental Plate-Spacer, which is the second generation of the company’s minimally invasive lateral fixation device designed to compressively load the graft that helps promote fusion.
  3. SP-Fix, a spinous process fixation device designed to provide structural stability, indirect decompression and immobilization of the adjacent spinous processes while also preserving the supraspinous ligament.
  4. Revere Corrective Osteotomy Set, a comprehensive instrument set that promotes efficiency of Smith-Peterson Osteotomies, Ponte Osteotomies, Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomies and Vertebral Column Resections.

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