Simbionix acquires 3D Arthroscopic Surgery Training Technology |

Simbionix acquires 3D Arthroscopic Surgery Training Technology



Simbionix acquires arthroscopic surgery simulation technology (MedCityNews)

Medical education company Simbionix has acquired for an undisclosed amount surgical simulation technology that helps doctors train for arthroscopic procedures.

Simbionix’s acquisition of the Arthro VR product line from Spanish firm GMV will expand its customer reach among orthopedic surgeons, according to a statement from Cleveland- and Israel-based Simbionix.

The arthroscopic simulators combine fiberglass limb replicas with 3-D images and haptic sensation to help users learn key aspects of arthroscopic procedures.

Arthroscopic surgery is often used to treat problems in the knees, shoulders and other joints, and involves a camera placed through a small incision in a patient’s skin.

Simbionix expects demand for arthroscopic surgery — and the physician training associated with it — to grow in the future because the small incisions involved in the surgery can lead to less pain and lower risk of infection for patients, according to the statement.

“Simbionix will continue to invest resources in arthroscopy, enhancing available modules and growing the simulator line’s capabilities,” CEO Gary Zamler said.


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