New low cost spine supplier enters the fray, SpineDirect |

New low cost spine supplier enters the fray, SpineDirect

spine_direct_logo_small - CopySpineDirect, LLC Launches Revolutionary High Quality, Low Cost Spinal Implant Solution (press release)

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PALM HARBOR, Fla., Oct. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SpineDirect, an innovative spinal fusion company that boasts a full compliment of spinal fusion products (, officially launches its business this week in the US. The company’s focus is on the growing demand from hospitals to purchase spinal fusion products at a much reduced price, yet not compromise the high-quality designs and manufacturing practices that lead to successful patient outcomes. When one of the founders of SpineDirect was recently asked how this was accomplished, he responded, “We decided to eliminate the need for an expensive medical rep (commissioned company representative) that’s traditionally present in each surgery. Instead, SpineDirect offers quality training to the hospital partner and it’s staff to accomplish this role.”

With the ever-increasing uncertainty of healthcare today, coupled with the constant budget challenges of hospitals, SpineDirect plays a significant role and offers solutions to these problems. “There’s little doubt that SpineDirect will play a significant role in the changing US spine market as hospitals are desperately seeking solutions to a myriad of budget concerns, including reduced reimbursements. Spine surgery has typically always been profitable for hospitals, and now there is a way to pay considerably less for fusion hardware and experience greater profits while not compromising product quality”, a person familiar with the industry said.

SpineDirect offers a webinar for interested hospital administrators.  Learn more at or call 877-888-SPINE (7746)


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