How cool! A bone drill that knows where it is |

How cool! A bone drill that knows where it is

Intellisense_DrillIntelliSense Drill Technology first Wyoming operating room use (Casper Journal)


The week of Sept. 21, the IntelliSense Drill from McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations, LLC will be used for the first time in an operating room at Wyoming Medical Center, Casper.

While the drill is in use in other operating rooms, this is the first time the Wyoming made product will be used in the state. Surgeons from Advantage Orthopedics will be first to utilize the new technology. “We are proud to bring the benefits of this device to the people of Wyoming, the very ones who have supported it from the start,” says Dr. Joseph C. McGinley, CEO of MOI. “Improving patient safety is our highest priority, and we are excited to get the drill into Wyoming surgeons’ hands for the first time.”

The IntelliSense Drill is an orthopedic surgical drill that incorporates technological advances into the standard orthopedic drill including continuous hole depth measurement and auto-stop capabilities.

McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations, LLC strives to engineer medical technologies which improve patient care by reducing costs and improving safety. Proudly based in Casper, McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations was founded in 2012 by Dr. McGinley, MD, PhD. Dr. McGinley is both an engineer and physician with a background in medical device development, sports medicine and education.

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