LDR Spine invests in 3D Printing to enable “Minimal Implant Volume” in the future |

LDR Spine invests in 3D Printing to enable “Minimal Implant Volume” in the future

Poly-Shape 2LDR INVESTS IN, ALLIES WITH POLY-SHAPE (Orthopedics This Week)

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LDR Holding Corporation has announced that it has made a minority investment in Poly-Shape, SAS, a French manufacturing company specializing in laser sintering. In addition, LDR has entered into an exclusive partnership with Poly-Shape for the development of spinal implants. The investment was made through LDR’s wholly owned subsidiary, LDR Médical, SAS.

LDR President and CEO Christophe Lavigne noted in the January 21, 2016 news release, “As a company with a passion for innovation, LDR is very pleased with this alliance. Poly-Shape has developed a reputation for its novel manufacturing techniques, and for the production of parts that meet the rigorous quality and functional standards of its clients, which include Formula One race teams and companies developing aerospace applications. Access to this experience and capability supports our philosophy of utilizing cutting-edge technology to bring high-quality spinal implants and instruments to our surgeon customers and their patients. The collaboration will help us continue to develop and deliver best-in-class products for Minimal Implant Volume (MIVo) spinal surgery.”

Stéphane Abed, Poly-Shape co-founder and CEO, added, “Poly-Shape is excited to partner with LDR and to leverage our additive manufacturing expertise, proven in aerospace and racing, to produce novel spinal implants that will benefit patients and physicians. I believe LDR is an ideal partner for Poly-Shape in that we share a similar philosophy based on innovation that provides true, measurable benefits. Our co-development will result in spinal implants with more complex geometries and unique features which are free from the limits that may be associated with conventional manufacturing methods.”

Asked how Poly-Shape’s manufacturing techniques will benefit orthopedic patients, Lavigne told OTW, “Poly-Shape uses an innovative 3D laser sintering manufacturing process that “builds” parts layer by layer. This technology is now being applied to make medical implants. Orthopedic patients stand to benefit because the technology may result in optimized implants with more intricate features and that have been impractical or even impossible with traditional manufacturing methods.”

“This partnership exemplifies LDR’s passion for innovation, and desire to leverage novel technology to improve the implants and instruments that we provide to our surgeon customers for the treatment of their patients. 3D laser sintering technology, specifically, demonstrates how novel methods like additive manufacturing processes can be implemented to support our philosophy of designing, developing and distributing medical devices that enable Minimal Implant Volume (MIVo) spinal surgery.”