6 Forward-thinking Orthopedic companies |

6 Forward-thinking Orthopedic companies

musculoskeletal futureMaking Their Way (ODTMag by Sean Fenske, Sam Brusco, and Michael Barbella)

A look at some of the companies developing particularly interesting orthopedic technology.

ConforMIS & Bioventus – These companies were selected as part of this group due to their forward-thinking approach to the orthopedics sector. Both companies are employing technologies that represent the future for the industry. While one company reflects the movement toward personalized healthcare, the other leverages the body’s natural healing capabilities to achieve the ultimate outcome.

1. ConforMIS – Custom 3D-Printed Knee Implants

ConforMIS is a medical device manufacturer that provides customized knee implants for patients. Utilizing the patient’s own radiology scans, an implant is specifically generated to each person’s unique anatomy via 3D printing technology. This technique optimizes the fit of the implant, resulting in a much greater chance the patient experiences less residual pain following surgery. The company also states that the custom implant offers a more natural feeling as the unique contours of each patient are preserved via the development and manufacturing process. Further, since the surgical guides are customized as well for each individual procedure, there is optimal bone preservation, according to ConforMIS.

“A satisfied patient is the ultimate goal of knee replacement,” said Gregory Martin, M.D., a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon in Boynton Beach, Fla., and clinical investigator in a study that found 92 percent of patients were satisfied on average at the one-year post-operative time point following total knee replacement with ConforMIS’ iTotal CR. “A growing body of clinical evidence continues to support my belief that customized implants improve important patient outcome measures like patient satisfaction. With the ConforMIS iTotal CR, I’ve seen a meaningful shift towards happier, more satisfied patients.”

In addition to the clinical advantages personalized knee implants present, there is another significant benefit to the ConforMIS solution. Since each implant is custom developed for the patient, there is no need for a hospital to maintain inventory of stock sizes of knee implants. The ConforMIS implant and guides are delivered just prior to the surgery, ready to be used in the operatory environment. The hospital doesn’t need to sterilize the contents of the package from the company, potentially saving additional costs from cleaning reusable instrumentation.

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