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LinkedIn’s Top 10 Med Device Posters of 2016

2016 was a busy year on LinkedIn. Despite the increase in political posts, marketing gimmicks, and pictures of questionable professionalism, a few stellar individuals and companies stood out as producers of impactful content or examples of effective personal or professional brand development on LinkedIn. These champions of 2016 can serve as a great example of what you can do to impact your brand if you make investments over time in this powerful medium.

As someone who published over 40 articles as well as starting a blog, youtube channel, and podcast, I think am well qualified to understand the investment made by these exceptional LinkedIn users. These exceptional individuals and companies can help motivate you to create ideas to optimize your LinkedIn brand.

#1 Stryker Medical

Stryker has done an exceptional job in producing high-quality content and regularly posting. 2016 started strong with a well-written post from their CVP of HR, and they continued their support of employer branding on LinkedIn throughout the year with excellent employee profiles and warm, engaging content.

#2 Tandem Diabetes

Tandem makes themselves look bigger and more established through LinkedIn. Honestly, I was surprised to find out how small they are. Who would think that they are a 70-million-dollar market cap company? They create a big presence by posting impactful product and patient stories.

#3 Rami Elghandour – CEO at Nevro

As CEO and president of a fast-growing public medical device company, Rami is an extremely busy guy. Despite a grueling schedule, Rami manages to post on LinkedIn daily. He rarely creates new content or comments, but his consistency and value-added content sharing has catapulted him to one of the most viewed med device profiles.

#4 Joe Mullings – CEO Mullings Group

Joe is a colorful character on LinkedIn. Since Mid-Year, he has significantly upped his game. He definitely uses a few tricks like constantly changing his profile pic. He and his team are producing high-quality videos and articles that benefit his visibility and can help educate med device professionals.

#5 Joe Hage – Medical Device Marketing Consultant and Leader of the Medical Device Group

With over 9,000 personal connections and 340,000 members of the Medical Device Group, Joe has used LinkedIn to establish a discernable position for himself.

#6 Paul Molloy – CEO ClearFlow

Paul is what I would call a CEO evangelist. He effectively uses LinkedIn to educate the market on ClearFlow and to preach the benefits of their product.

#7 Kelly Bryant – Talent Acquisition LivaNova

Kelly rarely creates her own original content, but she is a master of the repost. She keeps herself visible through her connections’ streams by regularly reposting value-added recruitment training content.

#8 Tiger Buford – Tiger Recruiting

Tiger is a med device executive turned headhunter and a master of Orthopeadics. With his informative Orthostreams.com website and strategic use of LinkedIn updates, Tiger has created a very effective recruitment system.

#9 Jeffrey Schell – President Trans S1

Jeff brings Trans S1 to life with his interactive and consistent postings of high-quality content.

#10 Johnson & Johnson

In a corporate and somewhat robotic way, J&J made its way onto the list. They definitely follow a very rigid social media policy, but they still manage to consistently post content and brand themselves. They also do a good job of having multiple recruiters create a solid LinkedIn presence.

That wraps up our 2016 list. Will you be on our list in 2017? By following the examples demonstrated by these titans of LinkedIn, you can build your own brand and meet your goals.

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