First product for pediatric orthopedic startup for kid’s bunions |

First product for pediatric orthopedic startup for kid’s bunions



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WishBone Medical, Inc., a pediatric orthopedic company based in Warsaw, Indiana, has announced the official launch of the Exact Osteotomy System (EOS).

The Exact Osteotomy System provides precise and repeatable osteotomies for all types of pediatric orthopedic surgery. According to WishBone’s July 25, 2017 news release, the first part of this system to be launched are “guides specifically for juvenile bunion surgery and are an accurate aid in the correction of first metatarsalphalangeal joint deformities.”

Eric Cracraft, vice president of sales and market development for WishBone Medical said, “We are excited to release our first single-use, sterile packed disposable kit in just six months’ time. There are so many other unmet needs in pediatric orthopedics that we will fulfill as we continue to design and develop innovative products.”

Nick Deeter, WishBone Medical’s founder and chief executive officer added, “The use of cutting guides in adult orthopedics is common practice. Currently, there are very limited cut guides available for pediatric orthopedic procedures. The Exact Osteotomy System will address the current issues that pediatric surgeons face when it comes to getting precise and reliable results. We strongly believe that getting products like the Exact Osteotomy System to market will be a game-changer in treating these types of deformities. We are confident that this will make a remarkable impact on the pediatric foot and ankle market. We are also very excited to announce that we plan to have an additional 5 products in the marketplace by the end of 2017.”

Deeter told OTW, “We had two really exciting moments in commercializing this device. First, was the speed at which our commercialization team can move. We launched eight separate sterile packaged systems in six months and it is already generating sales. The other exciting moment came when we saw surgeons’ eyes light up because of the precision of the bone cuts. Pediatric orthopedics is very different from adult orthopedics. The adult marketplace has cutting guides for everything. Pediatric orthopedic surgeons have to freehand most of their cuts.”

“The precise cut surgeons envision during pre-op planning can now be realized with EOS in a ready to use, inexpensive, sterile and disposable kit. It includes the guides, saw blades and guide pins. EOS is especially useful in foot and ankle wedge cuts.”