Flower Orthopedics launches new ready-for-surgery kits for Extremities |

Flower Orthopedics launches new ready-for-surgery kits for Extremities


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Horsham, Pennsylvania-based Flower Orthopedics has two important additions to its extensive line of Ready-for-Surgery kits—an instrument kit and Headless Compression Screws.

“With these latest additions to our portfolio, we continue our commitment to establish the most comprehensive offering of sterile, surgical, efficiency-based products, producing cost savings for our partners,” said Oliver Burckhardt, president and chief executive officer of Flower Orthopedics, in the September 25, 2017 news release.

The Flower Efficiency (E-Kit) Advanced is a multi-functional, sterile, Ready-for-Surgery instrument kit which contains all the instruments necessary for an implant procedure. The enhanced E-Kits feature instruments that are designed to reduce surgical steps and facilitate faster surgery.

“The new E-Kits expand upon our sterile Ready-for-Surgery instrument platform. The E-Kit can be used for Flower’s plating system, as well as, for both our Cannulated headed and Headless Compression Screw systems. It eliminates the hassle of onsite sterilization. A single sterile E-Kit replaces the instruments in two sterilization trays which undergo costly, timely and sometimes ineffective sterilization cycles,” Burckhardt said.

“Flower Orthopedics also added Headless Compression Screws to complete its comprehensive Ready-for-Surgery cannulated screw platform. The Headless Compression Screws are available across several diameters to accommodate the most common foot, ankle, hand and wrist procedures. Following the principle of driving standardization and surgical efficiency, the Flower Headless Compression screws are used in combination with the Flower E-Kit.”

Burckhardt told OTW, “Our goal is to continue to expand on our comprehensive Ready-for-Surgery portfolio, and we took a few big steps toward this goal with our recent product launches. Innovation for us is about providing world-class patient solutions in combination with unparalleled efficiencies that drive time and cost savings for the facility. These product launches realize our vision and provide quantifiable value to our customers.”

“The E-kit contains all of the instruments needed to implant both a locking plate and cannulated headless compression screw construct. This effectively eliminates two instrument trays from the decontamination-cleaning-sterilization cycle. The kit is used for the majority of our constructs because it is built off of a platform technology and versatile.”

“However, we want to also focus on our FlowerGraft product launch too. This is the world’s first efficiency based allograft bone wedge system for foot reconstruction. It offers sterile packaged, single use instrument kits for graft sizing and graft insertion; grafts packaged in saline eliminating the need for intra-operative soaking and reconstituting; and offers the lowest profile locking plates on the market for the Evans procedure.”

“We continue to develop products that make surgeries more efficient, improving patient outcomes, saving surgeon’s time and reducing extraneous facility costs. We launched a complete Foot Reconstruction Line for Cotton and Evans procedures that allows surgeons to save up to 30 minutes per procedure. We completed our cannulated headless compression screw portfolio. We made our Efficiency Kits better and more streamlined.”

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