JointPoint signs exclusive deal with DePuy Synthes for hip software |

JointPoint signs exclusive deal with DePuy Synthes for hip software


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Two marketers are better than one…JointPoint, Inc., based in Belleair Bluffs, Florida, has signed an exclusive agreement with DePuy Synthes to co-market its intraoperative software platform.

As the company indicated in its September 25, 2017 news release, “JointPoint integrates easily into the Direct Anterior Approach hip replacement technique.”

“With over 1,000 cases completed over the last several months, surgeons are enjoying the benefits of JointPoint’s non-invasive hip navigation,” said Noah Wollowick, president and co-founder of JointPoint. “We are excited to solidify this co-marketing agreement with DePuy Synthes, a worldwide leader in orthopaedics, to gain better access to surgeons across the country that want to use our innovative technology.”

“I used to rely on multiple fluoroscopic images and trials to confirm a patient’s leg length and offset,” said Charles Decook, M.D. “With the OneTrial technique from JointPoint, I am able to trial and shoot one fluoroscopic image, that is it. It tells me my offset and leg length and I am able to clearly pick the neck and head that works best for that patient. It has not only made me more efficient but also more accurate. I wouldn’t even think of interpreting a fluoroscopic image now without JointPoint.”

“One of the major benefits of anterior approach hip replacement is the power of intraoperative fluoroscopy and its ability to improve implant positioning, something all surgeons strive for consistently,” said Andrew J. Cooper, M.D., JointPoint’s chief medical officer and co-founder. “JointPoint harnesses the potential of fluoroscopy and allows surgeon to meet this goal efficiently with minimal images.”

Noah Wollowick commented to OTW, “Fluoroscopy is a powerful tool during anterior approach surgeries to assess leg length discrepancy and cup position, but it is often used inefficiently and inaccurately during surgery. JointPoint’s navigation software enables a surgeon to take just a few spot fluoro images, which the system uses to provide valuable intraoperative data to the surgeon when making intraoperative decisions on component selection and placement.”