Spine company sells and fulfills through Amazon |

Spine company sells and fulfills through Amazon

Website – Mahe Medical USA


Mahe Medical USA has just launched a Spine Emergency Screw Removal System that, according to the company, is “the most comprehensive and flexible system available in the market.”

Interestingly enough, it is available on Amazon.com.

“According to the company, the system has:

  • The ability to remove broken or stripped screws without purchasing additional kits or hardware
  • The system is universal with the ability to remove any spine screw system regardless of manufacturer
  • The system is priced 20% less than the leading competitor and offers additional functionality
  • The Mahe system utilizes fewer components due to its innovative design, taking up less space in the OR and reducing the possibility of mix-ups and confusion during surgical procedures
  • As a universal extractor, the OR team doesn’t need to know the individual hardware manufacturers as is the case with competitor’s systems”

And then there’s Mahe’s decision to distribute via Amazon.com.

“Mahe’s spine emergency screw removal system is available via www.amazon.com, specifically at the Amazon Business Professional Healthcare location of the site.”

“Mahe continues demonstrating it is a supply chain pioneer, being among the first to work through Amazon as it disrupts the medical product’s marketplace. The company’s sales strategy is redefining the sales process by flattening the supply chain and tearing down the traditional procurement model.”

“Mahe’s strategy removes layers of distributors and purchasing groups with their associated markups and administrative fees. The company’s manufacturer direct model, with easy procurement via Amazon Business Professional Healthcare, allows Mahe to offer less expensive medical supplies without compromising product quality, physician satisfaction or patient outcomes.”

Company CEO Keith Hamilton told OTW, “Mahe Medical USA has produced a clever and unique system to extract intact or broken pedicle screws or older systems still employing Schanz screws.”

“The Mahe ESR [Emergency Screw Removal] system is unique in several ways: It includes hardware for both broken and stripped screws as well as any dual rod instrumentation. Our system does not require the purchase of additional components. Other systems require the facility to purchase additional components for broken and stripped screws and provides bits and attachments for systems no longer in use. Mahe Medical prides itself on simplifying our system providing only what is required in a simple format that decreases operating room time.”