“I need an Engineer.” |

“I need an Engineer.”

I hear this request often. Ortho executives call and say… “I need an Engineer”. 

This is the wrong question…  an Engineer is not an Engineer.     

Ortho leaders have a tendency to jump to the solution.  This is completely normal. We all do it. We have a budget slot for an Engineer so you want someone with that title.

Think about it differently… What problem are you trying to solve?

Instead of filling a on Engineering chair, you may actually need…

  • a predictable pipeline of new products
  • more creativity or the ability to solve a specific engineering problem
  • someone who can convert a specific surgeon’s ideas into new products
  • a leader who is a great interface between marketing, sales and surgeons
  • an organized and detail-oriented project leader for an especially large new project
  • a coach/mentor for the younger engineers. 

Not all Engineers are the same. Just because people have the same degree doesn’t mean they have the same skillsets and will perform the same inside your company.

So when contacting me, tell me what problem you are trying to solve and I will bring you the individual that solves your problem.

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