Connecting Orthopedic Surgeons and Engineers |

Connecting Orthopedic Surgeons and Engineers

The Problem: A simple skills gap.

Orthopedic surgeons have the best ideas for new products, but do not know how to turn their ideas into working prototypes or commercial products.

Development Engineers know how to convert ideas into working prototypes and commercial products, but do not have the necessary clinical knowledge.

The Solution: I will match you two.

If you are an Orthopedist, send me a short note:

+ what is your new product idea?
+ what is the status of your product idea?
+ what is your shortterm and longterm goal?

If you are an Engineer, send me a short note with your LinkedIn profile:

+ what services can you provide to a surgeon inventor?
+ what technologies are your key strengths?
+ what orthopedic products have you taken from concept to commercialization?