Can’t see your surgeons… how do you sell with less human touch? |

Can’t see your surgeons… how do you sell with less human touch?

Orthopedic Sales Leaders, this message is for you.

In this new world of less human touch, I am going to show you how to use Digital Marketing to get in front of surgeon customers and drive new sales leads. 

Surgeons have changed how they learn about new orthopedic products, new technologies and new procedures. Surgeons are seeking information online.

Post COVID you are unlikely to meet with a surgeon at the hospital or at the medical meeting. It’s going to be a lot harder to get into the hospital. The days of bumping into new surgeon prospects in the hallway or Drs lounge is OVER.  The days of meeting surgeon prospects at large medical meetings is OVER.  

OK, so how does a device company earn a surgeon’s attention online?

Answer: Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing campaign targeted towards orthopedic surgeons is a systematic set of on-line marketing messages. The goal of a campaign is to drive new sales leads.

Digital will get your new products in front of new surgeon on their own time.

Digital will target very specific customers in specific geographies (nobody else sees it).

Digital will qualify your new leads.

Digital is flexible. 

Digital is 100% measurable.

Digital is budget-friendly.

An Example Case

Tech Spine has a unique new product and needs to create new spine surgeon leads.  Because of COVID, Tech Spine has accidentally saved $50K in trade show expense and travel in 2020. 

Tech Spine’s sales force has less access to new spine surgeons at the hospital or ASC. They cannot attend medical conferences to meet surgeons. They certainly cannot text or call new surgeons directly. 

Tech Spine decides to explore a Digital Marketing campaign to gather new leads and drive new sales.

10 Step Process of a Digital Marketing Campaign

1) Tech Spine chooses an Orthopedics Media Agency that understands both their business and their surgeon customers.

2) Tech Spine sets their budget for the new campaign at $50K. Tech Spine can easily shift the budget during the campaign into areas that are more successful. 

3) Tech Spine chooses what product, procedure, service, or brand will be the focus of the campaign. They chose to focus on their new spine procedure.

4) Tech Spine determines the target customers (spine surgeons & neuro surgeons) and where they practice (greater NYC, DFW, and LA) because Tech Spine has strong sales distribution in those large markets.

5) Tech Spine completes an inventory of all relevant content available for the new spine procedure (images, videos, written content, and audio). They additionally create some new written and video materials.

6) Working with the Orthopedics Media Agency, Tech Spine choses what the surgeon will actually see, read, or hear next.  

7) Tech Spine determines what sales lead information you would like to know about your new spine surgeon lead in greater NYC, DFW, and LA so that your sales force can followup.

8) The Orthopedics Media Agency builds landing pages, develop digital ads and starts the campaign.

9) Spine surgeons interact with the online content and complete the lead gen form.

10) Local sales reps contact the spine surgeon at the surgeon’s request for a demo or training.

The Math

Here are some ballpark sales numbers for a Digital Marketing campaign for a 6-month duration for an orthopedic device company.  Let’s say you convert your $50K budget (travel, medical conference and entertainment) into a digital marketing campaign. With this $50K budget, you can generate new sales that are 2X or 5X or 10X your spend in new annual sales with new surgeons.

Your $50K digital marketing campaign will create online engagements with surgeons in your targeted geographies.

which results in lead forms completed by surgeons in your target geographies

which results in warm sales calls, demos and training

which results in new customers doing at least one new case. 

which results in repeat procedure business at $500K/yr.

Digital Marketing Graphic

Digital marketing orthopedics infographic

Contact me and I can walk you through your digital marketing strategy & execution.