Come join our orthopedic company! |

Come join our orthopedic company!

I usually don’t comment on company ads, however, I just watched an advertisement of why you should join a “real” Big Ortho company.  They listed 10 reasons to join them. 

This cracks me up! This ad sounds like a new apartment complex attracting tenants. 

Below is the actual ad, verbatim – “10 reasons to join XYZ Ortho company”.

Big Ortho Ad (actual ad)

  1. Named one of the best workplaces in the city.
  2. Professional and personal opportunities.
  3. Free shuttle from the train station.
  4. Social events and celebrations.
  5. Community engagement.
  6. Excellent on-site wellness amenities
  7. Local day-care and new mother services.
  8. “Dress for your day” dress code.
  9. Military friendly employer.
  10. Situated in a vibrant community. 

So, it got me thinking. 

What would a startup say in their top 10 reasons to join?

(BTW, they will never spend the time, the money or the energy to advertise. They focus their energy on innovation.)

Startup Ad (my proposal)

  1. Make a difference.
  2. Have a chance to make a dent in orthopedics forever.
  3. Wear more hats and learn more. Increase your lever of responsibility and scope faster. 
  4. Grow your career faster.
  5. Actually own part of the company you work for.
  6. Work with cool disruptive technologies not “me too” stuff. 
  7. Work in a transparent culture and be treated more like a human.
  8. Work in an environment where your job matters.
  9. Entrepreneurial thinking will rub off on you.
  10. We don’t care how you dress, if you were in the Military, or how you deal with your fitness or child care. We value you based on what you can do for the company each day. 

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