“Inside Orthopedics”, guide to 6 recent podcasts

1-minute podcast introduction

In this series, you will hear unique insights into the orthopedic industry. Tiger will share trends, and interviews with emerging startups that he believes are poised for success, plus new ways of looking at successful orthopedic businesses. (note – Tiger has no allegiances or obligations to anyone in the industry so he can share honest insights about what he sees).

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#39 – The new Digital Playbook for Orthopedic Procedures with ExplORer Surgical co-founder and CEO Jennifer Fried (38 mins) Listen on YouTube

#38 – Intelligent surgery and the future of orthopedics with the Peter Verrillo, the CEO of Enhatch (53 mins). Listen on YouTube

#37 – The Future of Surgery Support with the Avail MedSystems CEO, Daniel Hawkins (60 mins) Listen on YouTube

#36 – The Birth of Orthopedics 3.0 (10 mins): Listen on YouTube

#35 – How to capture sales leads in the new COVID world (9 mins): Listen on YouTube

#34 – Orthopedics is going bespoke (13 mins): Listen on YouTube