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List of Computer Aided Surgery Startups

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  1. 7D Surgical (Toronto, Canada) 3D stereotaxic image guided system for spine surgery using pre-op CTs or MRIs,  Flash Registration and Flash Fix technology are designed to save time in the O.R. by enabling anatomical registration in 20 seconds vs. the 15 to 30 minutes required by traditional IGS. Registration can be updated with the click of a foot pedal. No radiation is required.
  2. The Acrobot Company Ltd (UK)  [ACQUIREDAcrobot provides precision surgical systems for computer-assisted 3D planning, surgical navigation and surgeon-controlled robotic surgery, focused on Europe so far, received £3M in funding, cheaper and simpler than Mako’s haptic system, but much earlier in growth,   Funding…
  3. Arthromeda (Lowell, MA) founded in 2013, computer aided navigation for total joints
  4. Blue Belt Technologies (Pittsburgh) [ACQUIREDraised $2.4M in Series A, Carnegie Mellon University spin off, developing “smart” surgical instruments for use in orthopaedic and neurosurgery procedures, Precision Freehand Sculptor (PFS) is a handheld intelligent tool that assists the surgeon in accurately cutting bone, focused on Europe so far, received £3M in funding, cheaper and simpler than Mako’s haptic system, but much earlier in growth  Funding…
  5. CAIRA Surgical (New York City) developing intraoperative surface mapping and radar tracking technologies to make navigated and robotic joint arthroplasty smarter, less invasive and more closely aligned with healthcare economies.
  6. iWalk Inc. (Cambridge, MA) MISSING IN ACTION has received $20 million of a $21 million Series B round to fund development of a self-contained robotic prosthetic ankle, the company has confirmed, the latest round adds to a $3.7 million Series A, bringing the company’s total funding over $23.7 M, founded in 2006 by MIT Media Lab professor Hugh Herr, a bilateral amputee himself  Funding…
  7. Intellijoint Surgical (Waterloo, Ontario) hip system with disposable miniature markers on hip instruments and display, working on sensors for pelvis
  8. JointPoint (Belleair Bluffs, FL)  [ACQUIRED pre-operative planning and inter-operative guidance for anterior hip procedures, exclusive deal with DePuy
  9. Mako Surgical (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)  [ACQUIRED MAKOplasty was mainly focused on Unicompartmental Knee Replacements, IPO in early 2008, not profitable, 100 robots sold/leased with revenues around $40M/yr
  10. Monogram Orthopaedics (Brooklyn, NY)  “Idiot Proof Joint Replacements” with AI-aided imaging + 3D printed implants + robotic aided surgery
  11. Mazor Robotics (Israel) [ACQUIRED] cheaper better pedicle screw targeting, major distribution deal with MDT Spine
  12. OMNI Orthopedics (Boston) [ACQUIRED] total knee, OMNIBotics total knee replacement is an imageless solution that combines a robotic cutting guide with a robotic tool to measure ligament function
  13. ROBODOC, a CUREXO Technology Company (Sacramento, CA) In total hip surgery applications, the ROBODOC system executes exact bone cutting and precise implant placement to reduce surgical fractures and complications and minimize human error, FDA cleared and has been used in over 24,000 joint replacement procedures WW, Currently, new applications such as resurfacing, long bone Osteotomies, Uni-condylar knee, and spine applications are being developed.
  14. Somersault Orthopedics (Milpitas, CA) SVault system is a web-based planning tool that is FDA cleared for total knees, uni knees, hips and shoulder arthroplasty
  15. Stanmore Implants (UK)  [ACQUIREDSavile Row systems uses CT data to combine custom implants and robotic surgery.  the Sculptor intra-operative system to accurately prepare the bone surface to match the custom designed implant. The system was launched in the Q3/11 on a controlled basis with management noting that results from 20 preliminary patients were very encouraging. No timeline for US commercialization was provided, but we would expect the company to focus on Europe and note that Stanmore has stated its intent to provide its robot at nocost to the hospital.
  16. Surgix Ltd (Israel)  [ACQUIRED formerly named “Diagnostica Imaging Software” is an Israel-based technology innovator, developing a unique imaging-based system for image guided surgery, primarily focused on Orthopedic Trauma,  Oct2009 raised $500,000 from current and external shareholders. Maayan Ventures, which owns 32% of Surgix, invested $118,000
  17. THINK Surgical (Freemont, CA) develops, manufactures and markets the only active robotic surgical systems for orthopaedic surgery. System includes a 3D workstation for preoperative planning, and a computer assisted tool utilized for precise cavity and surface preparation for hip and knee* replacement surgeries. The systems have been used in thousands of joint replacements WW.

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