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List of Extremities Startups

  1. Acumed (Portland, OR) been around since the 90’s so not really a startup anymore.
  2. Additive Orthopaedics (Little Silver, NJ) focused on bringing 3D Printed Implants to market, 510(k)s for Hammertoe, Wedge System and Locking Lattice Plates (the first 3D plates for general Orthopaedic use in lower extremity).
  3. AMDT (Memphis, TN) sister company is Arrowhead Devices, focus is foot and ankle fixation
  4. Aptis Medical (Louisville, KY) DRUJ replacement
  5. Arrowhead Devices (Memphis, TN) sister company is AMDT, single product company with ARROW-LOK Digital Fusion System –
  6. Articulinx (Cupertino, CA) polymer disc-shaped polymer inter-positional implant for finger joints to relieve OA pain, CE marked
  7. Articulus Bio (Boulder, CO)  in 2018 received funding that will support the development of a total ankle replacement specifically addressing the issue of wear debris. The company seeks to collect performance data on sub-assembly components of its Tendonoid Web Joint technology, which is designed to reduce and eliminate friction in articulating joint faces.
  8. Ascension (Austin, TX)  [ACQUIRED] leader in pyrocarbon small joints, acquired by Integra LifeSciences in fall 2011 for $65M
  9. BioPro (Port Huron, MI) Since 1987, BioPro has been designing and manufacturing implants with a focus on the upper and lower extremity markets.  BioPro offers unique joint replacement implants, fracture fixation devices, and single use disposable surgical instrumentation
  10. BRM Extremities (Milan, Italy & London, UK) staples, screws, subtalar, Slant 3.0mm Ti headless compression screws
  11. Catalyst OrthoScience (Naples, FL) angel funded,  new resurfacing shoulder with CoCr and poly, early story
  12. Centric Medical (Chicago)  company created by Life Spine after receiving FDA marketing clearance for its Tarsa-Link system for internal bone fixation of fractures, fusions, and osteotomies in the foot and ankle
  13. Conventus Orthopedics  (Minneapolis) small bones fracture fixation putting screws through metaphyseal cage that looks like large nitinol stent
  14. Crossroads Extremity Systems (Memphis) extremities implants combined pre-sterilized instruments and the EcoSmart instrument recovery program
  15. DelpalmaOrtho LLC (Columbia City, IN) hand, wrist and elbow products based on DPO’s Percutaneous Monorail Technology, $1.5M in Series A  funding Aug09
  16. Diamond Orthopedic (Charlotte, NC) a better bone screw
  17. Epic Extremity (Cranberry Township, PA) Founded by Pittsburg Foot and Ankle surgeons, low cost Foot and Ankle plating systems and screws.
  18. Exsomed (Phoenix, AZ)
  19. Extremity Medical (Parsippany, NJ) Compress X Compression Screws, Hallu·X Intramedullary Fusion Device for treatment of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint
  20. FH Ortho (Chicago)  Orthopedic niche company with the ARROW Reverse Shoulder, Foot-Calc nail, Knee-Graft Ligament
  21. FirstRay comprehensive system for hallux valgus and bunion repair, a portfolio company of SurgicalFrontiers (fka VentureMD)
  22. FX Shoulder (Dallas, TX) reverse stemless total shoulder, starting US clinical trial in 2019.
  23. Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics (Dallas) GEO is a cost effective, user-friendly way to supply Orthopedic Medical Implants in today’s healthcare environment.
  24. Ignite Orthopedics (Warsaw, IN) In 2017, Ignite Orthopedics opens its doors in historic downtown Warsaw.
  25. In2Bones Global (Memphis)  2016 completed a consolidation merger with French subsidiary, In2Bones, SAS (Lyon, France) NeoView PEEK Distal Radius Plate, the NeoSpan SuperElastic Compression Staple, the Reference Toe System, AlloAid PIP, AlloAid Nail, the CoLink Forefoot Plating System, the 5MS 5th Metatarsal Fracture Repair System and the CoLag Compression Screw System.  The CoLag Screw represents an entirely new concept in orthopaedic bone fixation.
  26. Inovative Design Orthopaedics IDO (UK) stemless reverse shoulder
  27. Istratek (Houston) [ACQUIRED] founded in 1991, portfolio of staple and hammertoe implants and MIS soft tissue recession instrumentation, former president Jeff Seavey bought the company in 2014, Stryker acquired it in 2016 for undisclosed amount
  28. MTP Solutions (Logan, UT) [ACQUIRED] a VentureMD company, develops surgical repair systems for the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint that restore normal function and relieve pain, assets acquired by Smith & Nephew, now sold as the Hat Trick Lesser Toe Repair System
  29. MX Orthopedics (Cambridge, MA) Founded 2008 to focus on Nitinol-based devices used in the foot. Received FDA clearance on dynaMX™ Compression Staple featuring Malleable Nitinol Technology in 2Q15; system includes compression screws and plates, bone staples, intramedullary implants
  30. Novastep (Orangeburg, NY & Rennes, France)  global foot & ankle company with offices on both sides of the Atlantic.  Hammertoe implants, staples, plates, screws, ex-fixes, and allograft bone.  Novastep’s proprietary cleanSTART® deployment technology includes sterile packaged, single-use instruments kits and quickTUBE® containment cylinders for sterile implants.
  31. Nextremity Solutions, Inc. (Warsaw, IN) Rod K. Mayer (CEO & President).  Nextremity is a privately held medical device company offering innovative solutions and approaches to foot and ankle surgical intervention. The Company’s procedure-ready, sterile (Class II) implant systems for the correction of foot and ankle pathologies include uniquely precise, proprietary technology designed to achieve repeatable and superior clinical outcomes.
  32. OrthoHelix (Medina, OH) [ACQUIRED] Anatomic foot and ankle titanium plating and screw systems, Dennis Stripe was CEO; acquired by Tornier in 2012.
  33. OsteoMed (Dallas, TX) been around since the 90’s so not really a startup anymore.
  34. OrthoSolutions (UK)  Sterile packed Foot & Ankle implants including trauma disposables.  Working on 3-piece Total Ankle implant.
  35. OrthoPro (Salt Lake City)  [ACQUIRED]  foot & ankle products, including the Phalinx Cannulated Hammertoe Fixation System, Total Compression Plate System, and Hemiarthroplasty Implant; Wright acquired OrthoPro in 2014
  36. Panther Orthopedics (San Jose, CA) start-up that developed fixation solutions for orthopedic extremity applications, FDA clearance for its Puma implantable flexible fixation device indicated for syndesmosis fixation, hallux valgus reconstruction and tarsometatarsal fixation. The system allows for a 2.8 mm pilot hole to preserve bone tissue and comes in a single size.
  37. Paragon 28 (Englewood, CO) Foot & Ankle screws, plates, staples, interference screws and allograft bone
  38. Rotation Medical (Plymouth, MN) bioinductive implant for rotator cuff repair is made from bovine Achilles tendon
  39. Shoulder Innovations (Holland, WI) total shoulder with inset glenoid component
  40. Shoulder Options (Charlotte) Cuff Repair Plate,
  41. Skeletal Dynamics (Miami) Second Extremities company founded by Dr. Jorge Orbay. His first company, Hand Innovations, was acquired by DePuy.  Products include Align Radial Head system, Geminus volar plate for distal radius, and IMplate wrist arthodesis nail
  42. Small Bone Innovations (Morrisville, PA) [ACQUIRED] acquired by Stryker in 2014
  43. Solana Surgical (Memphis, TN & Oceanside, CA)  [ACQUIRED]  Solana Surgical is a global orthopedic company founded in 2008 by former Nexa Orthopedics extremity company executives to create the preeminent company in extremity surgery.   Wright acquired Solana in 2014
  44. Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc. (Chicago, IL) [ACQUIRED]  Raised $22M in Series D Feb 2011, acquired by Arthrex in 2017
  45. Treace Medical Concepts (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) 3D bunion correction calley Kyphoplasty lead by John Treace and a stellar orthopedic Board of Directors
  46. Trilliant Surgical (Houston)  Self-funding startup with a full service Foot & Ankle  line – cannulated screws, hemi implants, subtalar implants, hamertoe implants, plating, with regional distribution
  47. Tyber Medical (Morristown, NJ) headless screws and wedges for midfoot
  48. Velix (McMinnville, TN) [ACQUIRED] Full line of F&A products with regional distribution.
  49. Wishbone Medical (Warsaw, IN) pediatric startup like a Orthopediatrics 2.0, first product is osteotomies for foot

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  1. Roland Schwarck January 26th, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Congratulations to Medartis AG ( for not being considered a start-up anymore!!!


  2. chris hughes August 21st, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Hi Tiger Recruiting. This is a great list…is there any more companies that could be added to his list since it was created (end of 2016?). I am selling a hammer-toe device and wanted to develop some interest.


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