Clinic uses stem cells to relieve joint pain |

Clinic uses stem cells to relieve joint pain


The Regenexx Procedure seems almost too easy to be true.

After a necessarily frank review of the orthopedic condition and the patient’s health, the patient comes in and has local anesthesia applied via X-ray guidance for a bone marrow draw from the hip. In a Westminster lab, the stem cells are separated from the rest of the draw (about one in 10,000 or 50,000 cells is a mesenchymal stem cell that can generate the needed connective tissue) and then amplified to provide 10 or 100 times more stem cells for injection.

The patients come in about a month later and the stem cells are injected into the afflicted area, a process that is repeated two and three months after the bone marrow draw.  The stem cells themselves differentiate into the cells needed for reformation of various tissues, including cartilage, tendon, muscle and bone.

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