Intrinsic Therapeutics raises $18 million round |

Intrinsic Therapeutics raises $18 million round


Intrinsic Therapeutics Inc., a Woburn, Mass.-based spinal prosthesis maker, has raised $18 million out of a $20 million offering, according to a regulatory filing with the federal SEC.

No new investors were listed on the filing. However, previous investors New Enterprise Associates and Spray Ventures were listed as board members, both firms have been with Intrinsic since their initial investment of $7.2 million in 2001.

Another VC firm, New Leaf Venture Partners (formerly Sprout Group), which invested in the company’s $25 million round back in 2003 was also listed on the SEC form D. The company has a total of 11 investors overall.

The Woburn orthopedic device maker won the CE mark of approval for its Barricaid annular prosthesis in April, 2009. The device is a partial-disc prosthesis that enables surgeons to reconstruct the annulus (a fibrous ring around the edge of the intervertebral disc) during standard discectomies in patients with lumbar disc herniations and sciatica.


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