The Bone Glue category could grow to $1B for fracture fixation |

The Bone Glue category could grow to $1B for fracture fixation

BONE GLUE MARKET: $1,032.9 MILLION BY 2024 (Orthopedics This Week)

Organic…not just for milk anymore! Patients want natural alternatives to conventional cements when it comes to surgery, say market watchers at Persistence Market Research, a New York firm providing market research reports and consulting services. These analysts indicate—in a December 21, 2016 news release— that “the global market for bone glue is currently valued at US$ 600.6 million, and is expected to reach US$ 1,032.9 million in revenues by the end of 2024.”

As indicated in the news release, “Their document, entitled, ‘Global Market Study on Bone Glue: Rising Adoption of Bone Glue for Orthopedic Surgeries Expected to Boost Demand for Bone Glue over the Forecast Period,’ has estimated that the global market for bone glue will register a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of 7.0% during the assessment period of 2016-2024. Prevalence of bone related disorders continues to be on a rise, urging manufacturers to come up with advanced glues. Preference to bone glue remains higher for adhesion procedures in arthroplasty surgeries. By the end of 2024, the application of bone glue in arthroplasty surgeries is slated to surpass 40% share of global market value, rendering it as the most prominent application for bone glue adhesives.”

Analysts from Persistence Market Research told OTW, “While doing some orthopedic devices reports, we came across some new opportunities for internal fixation procedures using bone glue or bone adhesive that sticks to bone and reunites fractured bones without using internal fixation devices. Also, there has been increasing need to replace internal fixation devices plates, screws, rods, pins, wires and similar devices. However, due to reluctance and apprehension of using metals inside the bone, patients mainly prefer minimally invasive procedures. While analyzing the opportunistic scenario for bone glue in orthopedics, we selected to approach this topic for our report.”

“Increasing cases of multiple fracture injuries and arthroplasty procedures is expected to drive demand, which, in turn fuels growth of the market for bone glues over the forecast period. Moreover, there are increasing instances of osteoporotic fractures of spine and lower extremity in growing geriatric population. Such factors have led various companies to engage in R&D [research and development] practices for bone glue to provide an effective absorbable glue for fractured bone fixation procedure.”

“Orthopedic surgeons should consider a bone glue, which has good fatigue strength and does not dissolve in the surrounding liquid. Bone glue should have good post-operative visualization on X-ray and should possess low viscosity formulation, which can be easily delivered through an injection during minimally invasive surgery. Bone glue should further possess anti-microbial properties to eliminate any risk of infection during or after the surgery.”

“These glues are majorly considered in osteoporotic fractures, multiple fractures, arthroplasty procedure and other fractures, and procedures.”

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