Seattle startup launches app that helps patients with home PT exercises |

Seattle startup launches app that helps patients with home PT exercises

New app from MedBridge aims to help patients keep on top of rehabilitation therapy (Geek Wire)

For most people, treatment for a health problem doesn’t end when they leave the hospital — in fact, sticking to the in-home treatment their doctor prescribed is a huge part of recovery.

Seattle startup MedBridge, a video-based medical education platform, announced a new app today to help patients do just that. MedBridge Go automatically turns instructions for a patient’s home exercise program (HEP) into an interactive video playlist that helps patients stick to the schedule their doctor has set.

The app is now available on Android and iOS devices and is included in care providers’ MedBridge subscriptions. Care providers must purchase and enable an enterprise version of the app before patients can use it.“MedBridge GO bridges the gap between the clinical setting and home exercise,” MedBridge CEO Justin Kowalchuk said in a press release. “It’s an exciting and logical next step to give patients access to interactive exercises in a native mobile environment. Since patient outcomes are directly related to exercise adherence, we believe MedBridge GO will improve the patient experience as well as their rehabilitation.”

Home exercise routines are common for patients recovering from injuries, such as a broken limb or torn ligament, or orthopedic surgeries, including joint replacements.

The aim of programs like MedBridge Go is to keep patients engaged and consistent in their in-home treatments. Not sticking to these treatments means a higher risk of serious and costly complications down the line.

Seattle-based startup WellPepper also develops a mobile app to help patients stay on top of home exercise routines and has partnered with local hospitals to deploy the tech.