Hey, I’ve got a “get rich slow scheme” for you… the orthopedic startup |

Hey, I’ve got a “get rich slow scheme” for you… the orthopedic startup

I talk a lot about the benefits of joining orthopedic startups, especially early in your career.  Some people think that I promote startups as a “get rich quick scheme”.  

It’s actually the opposite.  

If you join a startup, you will work hard and will probably earn only a salary.  The stats are clear that most startups do not result in a happy exit.

However, I still say “join a startup early”, because it will be a “get rich slow scheme” for your career.

Don’t join a startup for the financial rewards. Join as a recipe for your future success. 

You will NOT be investing your life and soul into a startup, then it’s gone. You WILL BE investing in something that can not dissolve, cannot run out of money, and cannot go bankrupt.  By working in a startup, you are investing in your own education and great new set of skills.

If you work in a startup when you are young, you have 20 more years to leverage these powerful new skills that you acquire.  

Working inside a startup will teach you….

–> How to lead.

–> How to create value for the customer, quickly using very few resources. 

–> How to stretch a lean budget.

–> How to develop products super-fast, without wasting resources.

–> How to raise capital.

–> How to test a new idea in days or weeks, and then either kill it or feed it.

–> How to sell your ideas. 

–> How to use technology as a competitive advantage. 

–> How to communicate transparently and clearly.

–> How to build an effective sales process. 

–> How to live with pressure and be adaptive. 

–> Grit in the face of failure. 

–> When and how to scale. 

–> How to hire late and smartly.

Join an orthopedic startup to invest in your “get rich slow scheme”.