Join the Virtual Summit Meeting of Orthopedists discussing COVID19 – April 2nd and 3rd |

Join the Virtual Summit Meeting of Orthopedists discussing COVID19 – April 2nd and 3rd

Orthopedic industry folks… if you want to understand the latest thinking from orthopedic surgeons on COVID19, then register for this free virtual summit meeting (just endorsed by the AAOS).

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Conference Name

COVID-19: The Orthopaedic Response. A Virtual Summit powered by UCSF DOCSF


COVID 19 has created massive disruption to the orthopaedic care model and rendered existing practice paradigms insufficient. We urgently need to understand the specific impact of COVID-19 on orthopaedic patients, share real-time learnings, and identify the technological superpowers at our digital fingertips. DOCSF is answering this challenge. The COVID-19 Orthopaedic Response Summit aims to spark the creativity and ingenuity of our community to redesign orthopaedic care in real time. The aim is to leverage technology to protect and empower our patients, our professionals, our health systems and our communities. 

Join us online Apr 2-3 for The COVID-19 Orthopaedic Response Summit which will be streamed live and include presentations from: Yan Wang MD (Beijing, China. Past President Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons), Luigi Zagra MD (Ospedale Galeazzi, Milano Italy), Ashish Atreja MD (CIO Mt Sinai, Founder, Michael Blum MD (CITO UCSF), Herb Kelsey (former Deputy CTO Cyber Security IBM), Tadahashi Funahashi MD (CITO, Kaiser Permanente), James Caillouette MD (President BOD Newport Orthopaedic Institue), Thomas Vail MD (Chairman Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery UCSF), Lundy Campbell MD (Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, UCSF ), Jordan Vivian (Director Govt. Relations AAOS), Carlin Sentor (Zoom and Orthopaedic Virtual Visit lead, UCSF)  and Stefano Bini MD (DOCSF/UCSF Dept of Orthopaedics). We will also present a ground breaking session with Dennis Boyle from  IDEO. After crowdsourcing the most urgent needs from the community on Day One, they will connect the Design Community in a 24 hour hackathon and report back their solutions on Day Two of the conference. We will hear from a curated group of relevant technology companies such as Microsoft, Get Well Loop, Force Therapeutics, Docspera, Cloudbreak and more. 

Streaming will be across multiple social media channels on April 2nd and 3d, 2020 starting at 7:30 am pacific time.  All sessions from the two day summit will be completely free and available to anyone to join. Each will be recorded and made available on demand through the website.

About DOCSF:

The Digital Orthopaedic Conference San Francisco ( is brought to you in partnership with the University of California San Francisco’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. The yearly conference held in San Francisco in January of each year aims to catalyze the adoption of digital health tools in musculoskeletal care. DOCSF is a highly interactive experience designed for leaders from the ecosystem of musculoskeletal care. It features case studies of successful digital health implementation sessions, sessions on leading change, and exercises to explore design thinking in healthcare. Through exhibits and focus Lectures, DOCSF showcases the most innovative start ups and multinationals rethinking the musculoskeletal care model. Learn more and sign up to be part of our community at