Simple career advice for engineers |

Simple career advice for engineers

The same way that moths are attracted to light, Engineers are attracted to cool technology.

That’s just how we are built. I’m a trained Engineer too. We are all attracted to cool technology.  It’s tempting to always seek out a new company with interesting technology.

When I started out in orthopedics, engineering was 100% mechanical. Today, the combination tech in orthopedics can be a mixture of many engineering disciplines – Mechanical + Electrical + Software + Optics + Mechatronics + Haptics + Robotics.  There is some really cool tech out there now.

Here is my simple advice for you.  

Don’t chase tech for your best career move. 

If you have multiple new job opportunities, choose the one with the most empowering culture and best management team.

You should chase empowering cultures first, even if the technology doesn’t look that great. Forget about the cool tech. Empowering cultures, particularly in startups, will boost your career. 

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