List of the 3D-Printing Suppliers/OEMs in Orthopedics |

List of the 3D-Printing Suppliers/OEMs in Orthopedics

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  1. 3D Systems (Belgium)  plastic,  3D Systems is a conglomerate of investors buying companies, selling services and machines, and competing with their own customers. Basically, they are machine vendors. They bought Layerwise in Leuven, a spin-off from the University, which is situated less than 30 minutes walk from the massive Materialise medical facilities in Leuven. Materialise is also a spin-off from the same university.
  2. 4Web (Frisco, Texas)  Titanium
  3. Additive Orthopedics (Little Silver, NJ)
  4. AddiHive (Limerick, Ireland)
  5. BioArchitects USA (New York, NY)  Titanium
  6. BodyCad (Quebec, Canada)  design and development for unicompartmental knee, total knee, total hip, shoulder
  7. Conceptualiz, Inc. (Nova Scotia, Canada) anatomy samples for better surgery planning 
  8. ConforMIS (Bedford, MA) CoCr, plastic
  9. EIT (Germany)  [acquired by DePuy Synthes] porous Titanium
  10. FMI Instrumed (Netherlands)  
  11. Formus Labs (Auckland, New Zealand)  Titanium for hips, does design work only
  12. Lattice Biologics (Phoenix, AZ)  Extracellular Matrix on Plastic
  13. Marox (Holyoke, MA) titanium
  14. Materialise (Belgium)  plastic and metal
  15. Medacta (Switzerland) plastic
  16. Mighty Oak Medical (Denver, CO)
  17. Mobelife (Belgium)  porous Titanium, acquired by Materialise
  18. Next21 (Japan)  ceramics
  19. NextStep Arthropedix (Akron)  porous Titanium
  20. Oxford Performance Materials, Inc (South Windsor, CT) PEEK
  21. ReJoint (Italy)
  22. PolyShape (France)  Titanium, plastics 
  23. Tangible Solutions (Fairborn, OH)  metals and plastic
  24. Xilloc Medical (Netherlands)  PEEK and metals

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