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6 Questions with Phil Sayles, who has digitized the last mile in the orthopedic supply chain – the OR.

6 Questions with ReJoint, a startup redefining total joint replacement by leveraging a combination of great new technologies.


6 Questions with Daniel Hawkins, CEO at Avail, who is transforming the way orthopedic procedures will be supported.

6 Questions with Justin Barad, CEO/Founder of Osso VR, redefining orthopedic training

6 Questions with Dr. Steve Gunther, Founder of Shoulder Innovations


6 Questions with Steve Herrington, President @ Bodycad USA, leading the charge in personalized orthopedic solutions

6 Questions with Scott Day, CCO @ GEO, a startup re-inventing the supply and delivery of orthopedic devices


6 Questions with Nissan Elimelech, founder of Augmedics, who is leading the way in AR surgery.


6 Questions with Danny Goel, Founder of Precision OS leading the way in VR tools for Orthopedics


6 Questions with Rich Walsh, who is delivering digital health for Ortho, PT and Sports Medicine care delivery settings




 6 Questions with Nick Deeter, the undisputed pioneer of orthopedic implants for kids


6 Questions with Dr. Jay Yadav, the founder of MiRus, who is bringing a proprietary new alloy into orthopedics and spine


6 Questions with Albert DaCosta, the founder of Paragon 28 who is defining the future of extremities




6 Questions with Curt Wiedenhoefer, an old friend who is bringing wearable patient monitoring to total joints



herb-office6 Questions with Herb Schwartz, a quietly disruptive force in sports medicine and early OA


Fried6 Questions with Fried Vancraen, a pioneer who is reshaping the future of Orthopedics with 3D Printing


20150811_0958326 Questions with Ric Navarro, a serial technology innovator in the spine space


John_T_Treace6 Questions with John T. Treace, an orthopaedic extremities executive building an innovative new foot and ankle company



6 Questions with Wade Fallin, a serial entrepreneur with a proven innovation process in Orthopedics




Chris Hughes - OsteoRemedies-HR6 Questions with Chris Hughes, an entrepreneur who is challenging conventional thinking in Orthopedics


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