Tiger’s LIVE Startup Opportunities ⭐ |

Tiger’s LIVE Startup Opportunities ⭐

I know startups. I have worked in startups and my friends are now running startups. I believe that you can accelerate your career by joining a startup. 

Let me share a few “LIVE” Startup Opportunities” that I have today and in the future.


Right now, I have a Head of Ops/Supply Chain in an early stage orthopedic startup with funding.  You will start as a 1099, then convert to full-time with equity.

Right now, I have an Product Development Engineer position in an early stage startup with new IP and funding.  Ground floor 1st engineer hired at the company. Must have Total Ankle implant or Total Knee implant design and testing experience. 

Right now, I have a Clinical Study Manager position in an orthopedic startup performing multiple studies in US and OUS.

Right now, I have a Program Manager of Biologics for an innovative new entity inside a profitable spine startup. 


Future, I will have a Regulatory Consultant in an early stage startup.  You can work remotely as a 1099, then convert to full-time in 6 months. 

Future, I will have a Vice President of Operations & Supply Chain at an orthopedic startup. Injection molding experience a must.  Must be willing to work as a consultant on the front end before becoming an employee. A ground floor opportunity to build US operations from scratch.

Future, I will have a Director of Operations at an orthopedic instrument supplier. You will be responsible for two manufacturing plants.

Future, I will have a Quality Director at an orthopedic instrument supplier. You will be responsible for all Quality Systems.

Future, I will have a Extremities Design Engineer at a Foot/Ankle startup that is on fire!  Must have some experience in Foot/Ankle or Hand.  Let me know if you are ready to strap on to this rocket.

Future, I will have a Chairman of the Board for an early stage spine startup based in the US. 

Future, I will have a Chief Commercialization Officer and a Vice President of Hospital Sales an early stage surgical training education company.  You can live anywhere in the US.  Success in capital equipment sales is required.

 email me for details….  tiger@TigerRecruiting.com

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