New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week! |

New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week!

Late August 2017

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PAT. NO. Title
1 9,741,263 Full-Text System of preoperative planning and provision of patient-specific surgical aids
2 9,737,735 Full-Text Ultrasonic surgical apparatus with silicon waveguide
3 9,737,696 Full-Text Endovascular cerebrospinal fluid shunt
4 9,737,643 Full-Text Bioabsorbable coatings of surgical devices
5 9,737,630 Full-Text Mechanically strong absorbable polymeric blend compositions of precisely controllable absorption rates, processing methods, and products therefrom
6 9,737,629 Full-Text Mechanically strong absorbable polymeric blend compositions of precisely controllable absorption rates, processing methods, and products therefrom
7 9,737,425 Full-Text System and methods for endovascular aneurysm treatment
8 9,737,416 Full-Text Surgical instrument and method of positioning an acetabular prosthetic component
9 9,737,415 Full-Text Systems and techniques for restoring and maintaining intervertebral anatomy
10 9,737,405 Full-Text Orthopaedic surgical procedure for implanting a revision hip prosthesis
11 9,737,392 Full-Text Implant, and method and system for producing such an implant
12 9,737,390 Full-Text Medical assembly for delivering an implant
13 9,737,367 Full-Text Historical patient-specific information for articular repair systems
14 9,737,366 Full-Text Apparatus, and method for aiding determination of a trocar port position, and medium having a trocar port position determination aiding program stored therein
15 9,737,352 Full-Text Nested expandable sleeve implant
16 9,737,351 Full-Text Rod reducer, compressor, distractor system
17 9,737,350 Full-Text Surgical screw and method of performing ligament reconstruction using said screw
18 9,737,349 Full-Text Tibial tuberosity advancement cage for ACL injuries
19 9,737,348 Full-Text Method and device for correcting bone deformities
20 9,737,347 Full-Text Surgical nail
21 9,737,346 Full-Text Reduction sleeve
22 9,737,345 Full-Text Method of rigidly fixing fragments of a pars interarticularis to one another
23 9,737,344 Full-Text Spinous process device and method of use
24 9,737,343 Full-Text Fastening assemblies for disc herniation repair and methods of use
25 9,737,342 Full-Text System and method for facet joint replacement
26 9,737,341 Full-Text Transverse connector
27 9,737,340 Full-Text Adjustable iliac connector
28 9,737,339 Full-Text Posterio spinal fixation
29 9,737,338 Full-Text Bottom-loading polyaxial bone anchoring system
30 9,737,337 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for stabilizing a spinal segment
31 9,737,336 Full-Text Anatomically personalized and mobilizing external support and method for controlling a path of an external auxiliary frame
32 9,737,322 Full-Text Method for resection of tumors and tissues
33 9,737,317 Full-Text Patellar clamping instrument
34 9,737,316 Full-Text Method and system for performing interspinous space preparation for receiving an implant
35 9,737,315 Full-Text Method and device for joint replacement
36 9,737,314 Full-Text Broach handle with bias attachment
37 9,737,313 Full-Text Shoulder reamer devices, systems including the same, and related methods
38 9,737,312 Full-Text Fluted osteotome and surgical method for use
39 9,737,311 Full-Text Device for positioning a bone cutting guide
40 9,737,310 Full-Text Articulating clip applier
41 9,737,301 Full-Text Monitoring device degradation based on component evaluation
42 9,737,296 Full-Text Devices and methods for surgical suturing
43 9,737,294 Full-Text Method and system for orthopedic repair
44 9,737,293 Full-Text Surgical constructs with collapsing suture loop and methods for securing tissue
45 9,737,292 Full-Text Knotless suture anchors and methods of tissue repair
46 9,737,288 Full-Text Tissue retractor and methods of use
47 9,737,286 Full-Text Implants and methods for percutaneous perforation closure
48 9,737,195 Full-Text Handheld resector balloon system
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