New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week! |

New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week!

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PAT. NO. Title
1 9,814,601 Full-Text Bi-directional fixating/locking transvertebral body screw/intervertebral cage stand-alone constructs
2 9,814,599 Full-Text Inter-body implantation system and method
3 9,814,598 Full-Text Spinal implants and implantation system
4 9,814,596 Full-Text Method of orienting an intervertebral spacer device having recessed notch pairs by using a surgical tool
5 9,814,595 Full-Text Multi-walled placeholder
6 9,814,591 Full-Text Flexible anchoring and fusion devices and methods of using the same
7 9,814,590 Full-Text In-situ formed intervertebral fusion device and method
8 9,814,589 Full-Text In-situ formed intervertebral fusion device and method
9 9,814,582 Full-Text Orthopedic augments having recessed pockets
10 9,814,581 Full-Text Mobile prosthesis for interpositional location between bone joint articular surfaces and method of use
11 9,814,579 Full-Text Unlinked implantable knee unloading device
12 9,814,577 Full-Text Implantable mesh for musculoskeletal trauma, orthopedic reconstruction and soft tissue repair
13 9,814,565 Full-Text Method for soft tissue repair with free floating suture locking member
14 9,814,547 Full-Text Method and device for causing tooth movement
15 9,814,539 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for conformable prosthetic implants
16 9,814,535 Full-Text Robot guided oblique spinal stabilization
17 9,814,533 Full-Text Preoperatively planning an arthroplasty procedure and generating a corresponding patient specific arthroplasty resection guide
18 9,814,530 Full-Text Methods and systems for indicating a clamping prediction
19 9,814,529 Full-Text Instrument holder and grip for a medical, particularly a surgical, instrument
20 9,814,510 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for accessing and dilating bone structures using a narrow gauge cannula
21 9,814,509 Full-Text Bone fracture reduction device and methods for using same
22 9,814,508 Full-Text Methods and devices for ligament repair
23 9,814,506 Full-Text Bone implants
24 9,814,505 Full-Text Calcaneum translation plate
25 9,814,504 Full-Text Orthopedic plate for use in small bone repair
26 9,814,503 Full-Text Load sharing bone plate
27 9,814,502 Full-Text Bone plate and method of use
28 9,814,501 Full-Text Cannulated telescopic femoral neck screw device and related fixation method
29 9,814,500 Full-Text Intramedullary nail
30 9,814,499 Full-Text Intramedullary fracture fixation devices and methods
31 9,814,498 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for reduction of vertebral bodies in a spine
32 9,814,497 Full-Text Lumbar spine pedicle screw guide
33 9,814,496 Full-Text Interspinous stabilization implant
34 9,814,495 Full-Text Methods, systems and apparatuses for torsional stabilization
35 9,814,493 Full-Text Trans-iliac connector
36 9,814,492 Full-Text Variable angle connection assembly
37 9,814,484 Full-Text Micro debrider devices and methods of tissue removal
38 9,814,475 Full-Text Customized arthroplasty cutting guides and surgical methods using the same
39 9,814,474 Full-Text Resection guides, implants and methods
40 9,814,473 Full-Text Guidance system and method for bone fusion
41 9,814,472 Full-Text Surgical instrument for removing hook nose bone
42 9,814,471 Full-Text Glenoid arthroplasty and offset reamers
43 9,814,470 Full-Text Offset orthopaedic reamer handle
44 9,814,469 Full-Text Surgical instrument
45 9,814,468 Full-Text System and method for robotic surgery
46 9,814,459 Full-Text Suture system
47 9,814,456 Full-Text Tool useful for implanting a support in treating urinary incontinence in a patient
48 9,814,455 Full-Text Measuring tool using suture and suture anchor
49 9,814,453 Full-Text Deformable fastener system
50 9,814,390 Full-Text Insert imaging device for surgical procedures
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