New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week! |

New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week!

uspto_seal 2Late Feb 2017

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PAT. NO. Title
1 9,572,969 Full-Text Delivery device
2 9,572,964 Full-Text Implantation tools, tool assemblies, kits and methods
3 9,572,909 Full-Text Electrospun nerve guides for nerve regeneration designed to modulate nerve architecture
4 9,572,746 Full-Text Analgesic implant device and system
5 9,572,687 Full-Text Native version alignment devices and methods
6 9,572,686 Full-Text Cartilage repair system with flexible trephine
7 9,572,685 Full-Text Instrument for implanting implant device
8 9,572,683 Full-Text Acetabular orthopaedic surgical instrument and method of using same
9 9,572,682 Full-Text System and method for precise prosthesis positioning in hip arthroplasty
10 9,572,681 Full-Text Intervertebral implant
11 9,572,676 Full-Text Adjustable multi-volume balloon for spinal interventions
12 9,572,655 Full-Text Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
13 9,572,639 Full-Text Intra-osseous implant
14 9,572,617 Full-Text Torque limiting surgical screw driver
15 9,572,615 Full-Text Detachable front delivery assembly for a tissue repair system
16 9,572,613 Full-Text Bone treatment systems and methods
17 9,572,612 Full-Text Methods and devices for anchoring a graft to bone
18 9,572,611 Full-Text Surgical screw magazine
19 9,572,610 Full-Text Mandibular bone plate
20 9,572,609 Full-Text Method of using a volar bone plate on a fracture
21 9,572,608 Full-Text Locking confirmation mechanism for a bone screw and plate assembly
22 9,572,607 Full-Text Osteotomy plate, plate driver and method for their use
23 9,572,606 Full-Text Lockable intramedullary fixation device
24 9,572,605 Full-Text Surgical instrument and method
25 9,572,604 Full-Text Instrument kit for spinal osteosynthesis
26 9,572,602 Full-Text Vertebral facet joint fusion implant and method for fusion
27 9,572,601 Full-Text Spinal correction adjustment systems and methods
28 9,572,600 Full-Text Bone anchoring device, tool and method for assembling the same and tool for use with the same
29 9,572,599 Full-Text Systems and methods for correcting spinal deformities
30 9,572,598 Full-Text Uniplanar surgical screw assembly
31 9,572,596 Full-Text Applicators for controlled in situ delivery of therapeutic compositions and implants, methods of fabrication and use
32 9,572,590 Full-Text Surgical instrument
33 9,572,589 Full-Text Drill guide
34 9,572,588 Full-Text Dynamic knee balancer with force or pressure sensing
35 9,572,587 Full-Text Microfracture apparatuses and methods
36 9,572,586 Full-Text Systems and methods for joint replacement
37 9,572,585 Full-Text Surgical sagittal saw blade with features that facilitate driving the blade in a crossed loop pattern
38 9,572,570 Full-Text Forward deploying suturing device
39 9,572,568 Full-Text Systems and methods for increased operating room efficiency
40 9,572,566 Full-Text Surgical suturing apparatus and method
41 9,572,564 Full-Text Anchor delivery system
42 9,572,563 Full-Text Suture anchor and related method
43 9,572,561 Full-Text Sternal retractor
44 9,572,560 Full-Text Lateral retractor system and methods of use
45 9,572,558 Full-Text Devices and methods for delivering implants for percutaneous perforation closure
46 9,572,551 Full-Text Biopsy trocar
47 9,572,492 Full-Text Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices
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