New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week! |

New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week!

uspto_seal 2Early June 2017

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PAT. NO. Title
1 9,676,665 Full-Text Storage stable premixed hydraulic cement compositions, cements, methods, and articles
2 9,676,120 Full-Text Mixing device for bone cement and method for mixing bone cement
3 9,676,026 Full-Text Implant made of a magnesium alloy and method for the production thereof
4 9,675,467 Full-Text Intervertebral fusion implant
5 9,675,462 Full-Text Intermediate body for a bone implant, and implant arrangement
6 9,675,460 Full-Text Implantable medical device for lubricating an artificial contacting surface
7 9,675,436 Full-Text Pelvic floor repair system
8 9,675,400 Full-Text Patient-specific fracture fixation instrumentation and method
9 9,675,399 Full-Text Patient specific implants and instrumentation for patellar prostheses
10 9,675,398 Full-Text Implant, method and tool for kyphoplasty
11 9,675,397 Full-Text Device to prepare and administer two-component mixture
12 9,675,396 Full-Text Method and device for producing an anchorage in human or animal tissue
13 9,675,395 Full-Text Osteosynthesis clip
14 9,675,394 Full-Text Systems and methods for the fixation or fusion of bone at or near a sacroiliac joint
15 9,675,393 Full-Text Shortening palm screw
16 9,675,392 Full-Text Two-wire technique for installing hammertoe implant
17 9,675,391 Full-Text Hammertoe implant with enhanced gripping surfaces
18 9,675,389 Full-Text Devices and methods for minimally invasive spinal stabilization and instrumentation
19 9,675,388 Full-Text Spinous process fusion devices
20 9,675,387 Full-Text Vertebral facet joint prosthesis and method of fixation
21 9,675,385 Full-Text Spinous process staple with interdigitating-interlocking hemi-spacers for adjacent spinous process separation and distraction
22 9,675,384 Full-Text Spinal stabilization system
23 9,675,383 Full-Text Articulation apparatus for external fixation device
24 9,675,382 Full-Text External bone fixation device
25 9,675,376 Full-Text Atherectomy devices and methods
26 9,675,373 Full-Text Treatment of orthopedic tissue
27 9,675,367 Full-Text Guide tool for resection of patellofemoral joint
28 9,675,365 Full-Text System and method for anterior approach for installing tibial stem
29 9,675,364 Full-Text Grater and trial liner
30 9,675,363 Full-Text Surgical tools having application for spinal surgical procedures and method of use
31 9,675,358 Full-Text Conduit for peripheral nerve replacement
32 9,675,353 Full-Text Surgical fasteners and associated deployment devices
33 9,675,347 Full-Text Apparatus for the treatment of tissue
34 9,675,346 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for fixing sheet-like materials to a target tissue
35 9,675,344 Full-Text Surgical instrument
36 9,675,343 Full-Text Wire coil tissue fixation device
37 9,675,341 Full-Text Emergency self-retaining sutures and packaging
38 9,675,338 Full-Text System for providing surgical access
39 9,675,337 Full-Text Minimally open interbody access retraction device and surgical method
40 9,675,336 Full-Text Methods and devices for accessing and retracting a capsule of a joint
41 9,675,334 Full-Text Surgical dilator, retractor and mounting pad
42 9,675,333 Full-Text Cannula with flexible holder and methods of use
43 9,675,332 Full-Text Surgical retractor
44 9,675,303 Full-Text Visualization systems, instruments and methods of using the same in spinal decompression procedures
45 9,675,272 Full-Text Methods, systems, and devices for guiding surgical instruments using radio frequency technology
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