New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week! |

New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week!

uspto_seal 2Early March 2017

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PAT. NO. Title
1 9,586,254 Full-Text Wire saw
2 9,586,034 Full-Text Medical devices, methods, and kits for delivering medication to a bodily passage
3 9,586,025 Full-Text Steerable delivery sheaths
4 9,585,769 Full-Text Drill guide for use in a surgical procedure to implant a stemless humeral component
5 9,585,761 Full-Text Angulated rings and bonded foils for use with balloons for fusion and dynamic stabilization
6 9,585,760 Full-Text Facet arthoplasty devices and methods
7 9,585,759 Full-Text ACL accommodating tibial design
8 9,585,756 Full-Text Device for repairing a human or animal joint
9 9,585,755 Full-Text Fracture fixation systems having intramedullary support
10 9,585,739 Full-Text Surgical articles and methods for treating pelvic conditions
11 9,585,728 Full-Text Method and system for identification of a center of a patient’s body part
12 9,585,725 Full-Text Robotic arthroplasty system
13 9,585,722 Full-Text Targeting an orthopaedic implant landmark
14 9,585,721 Full-Text System and method for real time tracking and modeling of surgical site
15 9,585,707 Full-Text Flanged interbody fusion device with fastener insert and retaining ring
16 9,585,706 Full-Text Midfoot bone plate system
17 9,585,705 Full-Text Bone fixation member systems and methods of use
18 9,585,704 Full-Text Implant for promoting stability of the canine stifle joint
19 9,585,703 Full-Text Intramedullary compression screw system
20 9,585,702 Full-Text Methods for spinal fixation
21 9,585,701 Full-Text Bone anchor configured to anchor an elongated implant to a patient bone
22 9,585,700 Full-Text Medical instrumentation and method
23 9,585,699 Full-Text Spinous process fixation apparatus
24 9,585,698 Full-Text Polyaxial bone anchoring device
25 9,585,697 Full-Text Posterior stabilization systems and methods
26 9,585,696 Full-Text Receiving part for connecting a shank of a bone anchoring element to a rod and bone anchoring device with such a receiving part
27 9,585,695 Full-Text Surgical screw hole liner devices and related methods
28 9,585,681 Full-Text Device and methods for treating paranasal sinus conditions
29 9,585,677 Full-Text Surgical device with smart bit recognition collet assembly to set a desired application mode
30 9,585,676 Full-Text Surgical device with variable size wire/pin gripping mechanism
31 9,585,675 Full-Text Arthroscopic devices and methods
32 9,585,659 Full-Text Battery powered surgical instrument
33 9,585,656 Full-Text Method and apparatus for loading and implanting a shape memory implant
34 9,585,654 Full-Text Segmentally rigid suture and suturing technique
35 9,585,653 Full-Text Tissue fixation devices and methods
36 9,585,652 Full-Text Endoscopic suture systems
37 9,585,650 Full-Text Surgical spacer instrument and method
38 9,585,648 Full-Text Surgical dilator, retractor and mounting pad
39 9,585,597 Full-Text Patient specific instrumentation with MEMS in surgery
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