New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week! |

New US Patents in Orthopedics… just released this week!

uspto_seal 2Early April 2017

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PAT. NO. Title
1 9,616,205 Full-Text Drug delivery implants
2 9,616,197 Full-Text Anchor deployment devices and related methods
3 9,615,959 Full-Text Uncinate process support for ethmoid infundibulum illumination
4 9,615,941 Full-Text Orthopedic tool for altering the connection between orthopedic components
5 9,615,940 Full-Text Interbody device and plate for spinal stabilization and instruments for positioning same
6 9,615,938 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for insertion of implant material
7 9,615,932 Full-Text Prosthesis for the replacement of a posterior element of a vertebra
8 9,615,931 Full-Text Surgical plate systems
9 9,615,928 Full-Text Medical device for reconstruction of a humerus for the operative treatment of a proximal humerus fracture
10 9,615,913 Full-Text Materials and methods for improved bone tendon bone transplantation
11 9,615,904 Full-Text Sacrocolpopexy support
12 9,615,894 Full-Text Components for guided threading of bone
13 9,615,887 Full-Text Bone cutting system for the leg and method therefor
14 9,615,874 Full-Text Bone plate shaping system
15 9,615,873 Full-Text Bone joining apparatus and method
16 9,615,872 Full-Text Implants for creating connections to tissue parts, in particular to skeletal parts, as well as device and method for implantation thereof
17 9,615,870 Full-Text Intramedullary fixation assembly and method of use
18 9,615,869 Full-Text Bone screw
19 9,615,868 Full-Text Bone fastener and methods of use
20 9,615,867 Full-Text Multi-rod bone attachment member
21 9,615,866 Full-Text Surgical fixation system and related methods
22 9,615,865 Full-Text Bone end (epiphysis) fracture fixation device and method of use
23 9,615,864 Full-Text Limb lengthening system for residual limb
24 9,615,863 Full-Text Multichannel cannula for kyphoplasty and method of use
25 9,615,862 Full-Text Modular head inserter
26 9,615,861 Full-Text Minimally invasive vertebral laminar reconstructive plate
27 9,615,860 Full-Text Plates configured to rigidly fix fragments of a pars interarticularis to one another
28 9,615,859 Full-Text Posted translation system and method
29 9,615,858 Full-Text Spring clip-bottom loading polyaxial ball and socket fastener
30 9,615,856 Full-Text Sacroiliac fusion cage
31 9,615,855 Full-Text Bone screw and percutaneous minimally invasive pedicle fixation system
32 9,615,847 Full-Text Devices and methods for soft tissue hydro dissection
33 9,615,844 Full-Text Systems and methods for controlling delivery of ultrasonic energy to a bodily tissue
34 9,615,841 Full-Text Device for making a borehole into a bone
35 9,615,840 Full-Text System and method for association of a guiding aid with a patient tissue
36 9,615,839 Full-Text Shape-fit glenoid reaming systems and methods
37 9,615,838 Full-Text Trocar device with detachable handle and associated methods
38 9,615,837 Full-Text Surgical technique and instrumentation for minimal incision hip arthroplasty surgery
39 9,615,836 Full-Text Remote-controlled actuator assembly
40 9,615,835 Full-Text Drill attachment for cannulated surgical drills
41 9,615,834 Full-Text Systems and methods utilizing patient-matched instruments
42 9,615,830 Full-Text Surgical fastener
43 9,615,822 Full-Text Insertion tools and method for soft anchor
44 9,615,821 Full-Text Tensionable knotless anchor systems and methods of tissue repair
45 9,615,820 Full-Text Suture anchor and method for fixating a suture relative to hard tissue
46 9,615,819 Full-Text Methods and instruments for subchondral treatment of osteoarthritis in a small joint
47 9,615,818 Full-Text Spinal access retractor
48 9,615,816 Full-Text Drivers and drive systems
49 9,615,733 Full-Text Anterior cervical retractor system
50 9,615,728 Full-Text Surgical visualization system with camera tracking


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