How to judge the strength of an Orthopedic company by reading press releases |

How to judge the strength of an Orthopedic company by reading press releases

Every day, I watch orthopedic companies try to look successful with lame press releases. In social circles, this is called peacocking.

The best orthopedics companies are on fast trajectories and do not waste time on flashy logos, sexy websites, or gratuitous press releases.  They focus their energy on building valuation through business execution on things that matter. At Ellipse Technologies we grew our valuation massively while we maintained a crappy logo, a poor website and only issued a press release every year or so.

Strong orthopedics companies issue press releases that represent major milestones such  as:

ABC doubles sales with… 

ABC wins the first-ever FDA clearance for… 

ABC acquires XYZ for… 

After reading about these business executions, I am interested and want to learn more.

Weak orthopedics companies on flat trajectories have award-winning logos, sizzling websites, and a press release every week. They focus too much energy on window dressing.  Peacocking. Fronting never works.

The weak companies issue press releases that are process steps, not accomplishments like this:

XYZ expands its US western region sales team with…

XYZ creates a strategic partnership with ABC for…

XYZ adds bench strength with a new VP of something…

Do people really care about this minor process stuff?

Please STOP peacocking!

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