List of software startups |

List of software startups

Software is eating Orthopedics. Read – . Below is the ever changing list of startups in the software space. List excludes electronic medical records companies and healthcare pathway services.

AdviceHub (formerly Reviews from Friends) provides advice patients need from people they know. Our anonymous chat messaging between new patients and previous patients on doctor, hospital, pharmaceutical and implant company websites helps patients overcome their fears and confidently proceed with surgery.

Augmedics – AR, see-through surgery.

Automated Clinical Evidence-based algorithms organize the world’s medical information making it useful and valuable at the point of care.

Better Day Health is a new type of EHR. Combines speech-to-text, mobile devices & web-based technologies to streamline clinical documentation. Saves time for clinicians.

CAIRA Surgical – Using ML and AI, enables surgeons to consistently achieve precise implant position and optimal kinematics leading to improved outcomes, lower revision rates and cost reduction at each stage of care. First focus is knee replacement to launch in the US and Australia, followed by new products in hip, shoulder and trauma.

ConnectSX a platform company that enables visibility across the medical device value chain, driving more effective communication and collaboration with your distributed sales organization. Manages critical inventory information, tracks inventory movement from distribution to use, brings visibility to revenue events in the field, and facilitates sales enablement and pipeline needs, ultimately increasing efficiency and decreasing waste throughout your ecosystem.

Fundamental Surgery – low cost VR training

JointPoint [ACQUIRED BY DEPUY] provides intraoperative analyze of fluoroscopic imagines to accurately recreate leg length and offset in hip arthroplasty. JointPoint is an FDA-cleared digital navigation system that uses only fluoroscopy to analyze leg-length, offset, and acetabular positioning for hip replacement surgery.  JointPoint’s OneTrial® system assists surgeons in selecting optimal implant combinations by providing intraoperative data on how changing implant combinations will affect leg length and offset data. The surgeon can then choose the desired implant combination, eliminating the need for re-trialing. Surgeons report reduction in surgical time and fluoro use, with no additional hardware or devices required and without changing an existing surgical workflow. Preoperatively, surgeons can template with preloaded actual implant sizes and determine the starting point of leg-length and offset. JointPoint allows users to template with ease using portable image-capturing technology.   Users can also streamline case planning by using the JointPoint calendar and share cases. 

Muvr wearable to give healthcare pre-op and post-op data

OrthoGrid – solved the parallax and distortion problem with C-arms with easy add on template, Robot ready platform, 25 employees, R&D in France.

Precision OS is an immersive experiential surgical education software. Tagline, “empowering Masters of Orthopedic Surgery”

ProprioVision Computer light vision Navigation and AR for Spine and crani based in Seattle, WA.

Sight Medical – automates and provides a navigational compass for the last mile of medical device procurement and device implantation.

Using automation and analytics to empower the industry’s first end-to-end, vendor-agnostic enterprise platform aligning all stakeholders to the following objectives:

  • Empowered, confident and independent OR teams 
  • Faster surgical cases and streamlined central sterile throughput
  • Unique, surgeon-specific information and intra-operative data-capture capability
  • Sustainable cost efficiencies for all stakeholders, including the facility, vendor, distributor, and sales associate
  • Automated Account Management
  • Access to predicted inventory demands, predicted device sizing specific to the patient and individual surgeons’ technique
  • Point-of-use device capture, reorder signal, and PO reconciliation

teka Orthopaedics sensors

Statera Spine – enhanced software in reading spine x-rays

TracPatch – wearable to give healthcare pre-op and post-op data. TracPatch enables healthcare providers to make evidence-based care decisions through real-time information and objective data. Read more –