List of 26 Sports Medicine Startups |

List of 26 Sports Medicine Startups

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  1. Active Implants (Amsterdam) founded in 2004, angel-funded startup based in Amsterdam, R&D group in Israel, NUsurface Meniscal Implant is in clinical trials in Europe and Israel and US;
  2. Asperion Biologics (San Antonio, TX) Z-Lig xenograft ACL replacement 
  3. Biomimedica (San Francisco) stealth mode,¬†development and commercialization of its proprietary¬†GRADION‚ĄĘ Total Cartilage Replacement‚ĄĘ (‚ÄúTCR‚ĄĘ‚ÄĚ) technology, $11.9M in Series-B¬†financing from¬†Troika Ventures (lead Investor from Russia) and Biedermann Motech (Germany), together with existing investors Emergent Medical Partners (Portola Valley, CA) and¬†Asset Management¬†Ventures (Palo Alto, CA)¬†
  4. Biorez (New Haven, CT)  closed a $1.5MM C-1 financing and affirmed a planned 2019 launch of a human clinical study with a novel implant for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, following positive results from animal testing. The approach uses a scaffold on which a patient’s own cells may grow a new ligament before the implant is fully resorbed by the body. This may obviate the need to harvest a patient’s tendon to perform reconstruction.
  5. BioSyntech (Quebec, Canada) Using BST-CarGel, a natural biopolymer derived from the shells of crustaceans, BioSyntech is developing a treatment for the regeneration of cartilage in the knee, clinical trials have started, public TSE:BSY
  6. BioProtect (Israel) developed a new technology, called SpaceGuard, which separates tissue using a balloon made of biodegradable material. It can be used in the shoulder of patients with massive tears in the muscle and tendon. The implant acts as an artificial bursa, minimizing friction between the bones and the surrounding soft tissue and stops the acute reaction associated with the massive tears. BioProtect has successfully completed a trial of the implant in 24 patients in Slovenia, and has begun a trial in Israel. BioProtect Ltd spun out the company with $1M financing
  7. Cayenne Medical (Scottsdale, AZ) [ACQUIRED] founded in 2005, has raised approximately $32M from Split Rock Partners, Investor Growth Capital, Memphis Biomed Ventures, products for ACL repair include AperFix, iFix and CrossFix systems, rotator cuff repair under development, Zimmer-Biomet acquired them in 2016
  8. Ceterix Orthopaedics (Menlo Park, CA) founded in 2010 for joint preservation through the development of surgical tools that expand and improve what is possible for physicians treating soft tissue injuries such as meniscus tears, hip and shoulder labrum tears, and rotator cuff tears
  9. CoNextons Medical (Sandy, UT) founded in 2015, improved tendon repair with these advantages: stronger repair strength to enable early active motion; consistent and standardized outcomes; a simpler and faster surgical technique; and an improved quality of recovery for patients
  10. Connective Orthopaedics (Waltham, MA) Technology involves wrapping ACLs in a collagen-platelet scaffold to stimulate the healing of intra-articular tissues, first product targeted for  the healing of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, added Boston Celtics CEO Wyc Grousbeck to Board, Dean Banks is CEO
  11. CoolSystems (Alameda, CA) Offers advanced treatment for soft tissue repair using cold compresses and continuous passive motion machines, has brought in $2 million of a targeted $3 million round of debt and rights, last raised funding in August 2007, bringing in $3 million in a seventh round of venture funding from Maxwell Trust, MedVenture Associates, Roda Group
  12. Core Essence Orthopaedics (Yardley, PA) Arthroscopic technology for Rotator Cuff Repair, Labrum tears, flexor injuries of the hands, and Achilles repair, $5M in funding from NewSpring Capital , John Moran named new CEO
  13. CyMedica Orthopedics (Phoenix) think brace + muscle stimulation with a fresh 510(k), raised $6M,
  14. KATOR  (Logan, UT) knotless, arthroscopic, transosseous tendon to bone repair, portfolio company of Surgical Frontiers (fka VentureMD)
  15. KFx Medical Corp (Carlsbad, CA) advanced bone anchors and next generation knotless soft tissue fixation devices for orthopaedic sports medicine, products include PastaFix and SutureCross knotness fixation, raised $6.2M in 2005, raised $10M in 2007
  16. Lackdown Surgical (Chanhaoon, MN) founded 2012, fixation for AC separation after coraco-clavicular ligament disruption
  17. MIACH Orthopaedics (Boston, MA) synthetic tissue graft for ACL repair, raised $22.5M in Serias A in 2018
  18.  MinInvasive (Israel) MinInvasive is developing the OmniCuff, a needle-based system for arthroscopic rotatorcuff repair. MinInvasive has conducted a successful post-market study in the United States and is establishing a manufacturing facility in Connecticut to support mass production towards commercial launch. In November 2016 MinInvasive announced a new round of financing and strategic partnership with MicroPort Scientific Corporation.
  19. NuOrtho Surgical (Fall River, MI) new cartilage probe, Ceruleau,¬†is designed for one-time use while performing a surgical treatment for articular knee cartilage called a chondroplasty ‚ÄĒ a procedure where the damaged knee joint surface is carefully re-contoured to remove lesions and fraying and improve mobility, founders are¬†Jeff Morrill, Roy Morgan, Dr. Wayne Auge, CEO is Morrill¬†
  20. Orthomimetics, Ltd (Cambridge, UK) Scaffold plugs made from proprietary material designed for damaged knee cartilage lesions that becomed seeded with the body existing stem cells and grow new cartilage
  21. OrthoSpace (Israel) [ACQUIRED] InSpace System for the treatment of massive rotator cuff tears using a biodegradable balloon spacer that is usually implanted arthroscopically. Early trial looks promising.
  22. ProChon Biotech Ltd (Woburn, MA) Founded 1997, Autologous Cartilage Regeneration System called BioCart, cells are harvested from the patient through a non-invasive biopsy arthroscope needle, then expanded in the lab, seeded into a 3-D synthetic scaffold, then finally reimplanted into the cartilage lesion area, BioCart has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health for treating patients suffering from traumatic and other cartilage lesions in the knee
  23. ROG Sports Medicine (Orland Park, IL)  founded in 2010 by Blair Rhode MD, sells generic sports medicine implants that are manufactured from stable technologies that have exhausted their intellectual mark-up and partners with OrthoDirect to remove the distributor and sales rep from the supply chain
  24. Soft Tissue Regeneration (New Haven, CT) biodegradable PLLA scaffold for regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee and for the first time, has regenerated a native, natural ACL, capable of carrying normal load, after full resorption of the scaffold; also developing an augmentation device for rotator cuff repair, Joe Reilly is CEO
  25. Trice Medical¬†¬†(King of Prussia,¬†PA) raised 18M through Series B, “instant MRI in the doctors office for $450”, patients get instant diagnosis, clinical trial will study diagnostic arthroscopy in the physicians office using a needle with a camera and light source¬†
  26. Valeris Medical (Marietta, GA) founded 2013, raised $1.5M in 2016, BoneCam Suture Anchors for suture fixation to bone in the foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and hip.

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