Startup CEO and Founder, Tiger is an industry expert, an absolute professional, and has been a marksman when it comes to candidates he’s placed into our company.”

Startup President, Tiger is an expert in the field of orthopedics. When you use his services, you not only get a hands-on recruiter but the benefits of his industry expertise. No one has the in-depth knowledge and insights that he has acquired over his many years of experience. I would recommend him to any company.”

Startup President & CEO, “We have tried several different methods but now use Tiger exclusively when conducting our searches. He understands the requirements intimately since he has been there before as an Executive with many small organizations. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Tiger, and we will remain aligned with him as our go-to A Player partner.”

Startup CEO, “Tiger is a thought leader in orthopedic corporate development. Tiger has an innate ability to help teams add versatile, quality members.”

Startup General Partner & CEO, “I have had the privilege of knowing Tiger professionally for more than 20 years. He is a consummate and proven value builder in the orthopedic and spine industry, and a person of the highest integrity that places great value on long-term relationships. With one of the most extensive networks within the industry, he will accelerate success with those who collaborate with him.”

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