51 VCs who have invested in Orthopedics |

51 VCs who have invested in Orthopedics

List of Venture Capital firms that have invested in Orthopedic startups (alphabetically)

My favorite quote about VCs that rings very true…  “VCs are like hitchhikers with credit cards. They get in your car, and as long as you take them where they want to go, they will help pay for the gas. But if you get lost or wander off the road you promised you were going down, they will hijack the car, throw you out and bring in a new driver.” John Mackey, Whole Foods.

What VC am I missing?   tiger@TigerBuford.com

  1. Accuitive Medical Ventures http://www.amvpartners.com/

  2. Advent International http://www.adventinternational.com

  3. Alloy Ventures http://www.alloyventures.com/

  4. AO Invest https://ao-invest.com/

  5. Arboretum Ventures http://www.arboretumvc.com/

  6. Ascent Biomedical Ventures http://www.abvlp.com

  7. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Ventures http://www.piperjaffray.com/

  8. BioStar Ventures http://www.biostarventures.com/

  9. Canaan Partners http://www.canaan.com/

  10. Capstone Partners http://www.capstonellc.com/

  11. Charter Life Sciences http://www.charterls.com

  12. De Novo Ventures http://www.denovovc.com/

  13. EDF Ventures http://www.edfvc.com/

  14. Endeavor Vision http://www.endeavourvision.com/

  15. Enterprise Partnershttp://www.epvc.com/

  16. Essex Woodlands http://www.essexwoodlands.com

  17. Exploramed http://www.exploramed.com/

  18. Finistere http://www.finistere.com/

  19. Frazier Healthcare http://www.frazierhealthcare.com/

  20. Greylock http://www.greylock.com/

  21. HBM Healthcare Investments http://www.hbmhealthcare.com/

  22. InnoCal http://www.innocal.com/

  23. Innova http://www.innovamemphis.com

  24. InterWest Partners http://www.interwest.com/

  25. JB Morgan Partners http://www.jpmorganpartners.com/

  26. KCI Ventures https://www.kicventures.com/

  27. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers http://www.kpcb.com/

  28. Longitude Capital http://longitudecapital.com

  29. MB Venture Partners http://www.mbventures.com/

  30. MedFocus Management Co http://www.fund-mgmt.com/default_files/medfocusmgmtco.htm

  31. MedVenture Associates http://www.medven.com/

  32. MentorTech Ventures http://www.mentortechventures.com

  33. Montreau Equity Partners http://www.mepvc.com/

  34. New Enterprise Associates http://www.nea.com/

  35. NorWest Venture Capitalhttp://www.norwestvc.com/

  36. PTV Sciences http://www.ptvsciences.com/

  37. Saratoga Ventures http://www.saratogavc.com/

  38. Sequoia Capital http://www.sequoiacap.com/

  39. Skyline Ventures http://www.skylineventures.com/

  40. Split Rock Partners http://www.splitrock.com/

  41. Spray Venture Partners http://www.spraypartners.com/

  42. The Sprout Group http://www.sproutgroup.com/

  43. Surgical Frontiers http://surgicalfrontiers.com/

  44. SV Life Sciences http://www.svlsa.com/

  45. Telegraph Hill Partners http://www.thpartners.net/

  46. Three Arch Partners http://www.threearchpartners.com/

  47. TMV Capital http://www.tvm-capital.com/

  48. Ventrock Associates http://www.venrock.com/

  49. VentureMD http://venturemd.com/

  50. Versant Ventures http://www.versantventures.com/

  51. Viscogliosi Bros, LLC http://www.vbllc.com/

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