48 VCs who have invested in Orthopedics |

48 VCs who have invested in Orthopedics

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This is a list of Venture Capital firms that have invested in Orthopedic startups (alphabetically)

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  1. Accuitive Medical Ventures http://www.amvpartners.com/
  2. Advent International http://www.adventinternational.com
  3. Alloy Ventures http://www.alloyventures.com/
  4. Arboretum Ventures http://www.arboretumvc.com/
  5. Ascent Biomedical Ventures http://www.abvlp.com
  6. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Ventures http://www.piperjaffray.com/
  7. BioStar Ventures http://www.biostarventures.com/
  8. Canaan Partners http://www.canaan.com/
  9. Capstone Partners http://www.capstonellc.com/
  10. Charter Life Sciences http://www.charterls.com
  11. De Novo Ventures http://www.denovovc.com/
  12. EDF Ventures http://www.edfvc.com/
  13. Enterprise Partnershttp://www.epvc.com/
  14. Essex Woodlands http://www.essexwoodlands.com
  15. Exploramed http://www.exploramed.com/
  16. Finistere http://www.finistere.com/
  17. Frazier Healthcare http://www.frazierhealthcare.com/
  18. Greylock http://www.greylock.com/
  19. HBM Healthcare Investments http://www.hbmhealthcare.com/
  20. InnoCal http://www.innocal.com/
  21. Innova http://www.innovamemphis.com
  22. InterWest Partners http://www.interwest.com/
  23. JB Morgan Partners http://www.jpmorganpartners.com/
  24. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers http://www.kpcb.com/
  25. Longitude Capital http://longitudecapital.com
  26. MB Venture Partners http://www.mbventures.com/
  27. MedFocus Management Co http://www.fund-mgmt.com/default_files/medfocusmgmtco.htm
  28. MedVenture Associates http://www.medven.com/
  29. MentorTech Ventures http://www.mentortechventures.com
  30. Montreau Equity Partners http://www.mepvc.com/
  31. New Enterprise Associates http://www.nea.com/
  32. NorWest Venture Capitalhttp://www.norwestvc.com/
  33. PTV Sciences http://www.ptvsciences.com/
  34. Saratoga Ventures http://www.saratogavc.com/
  35. Sequoia Capital http://www.sequoiacap.com/
  36. Skyline Ventures http://www.skylineventures.com/
  37. Split Rock Partners http://www.splitrock.com/
  38. Spray Venture Partners http://www.spraypartners.com/
  39. The Sprout Group http://www.sproutgroup.com/
  40. Surgical Frontiers http://surgicalfrontiers.com/
  41. SV Life Sciences http://www.svlsa.com/
  42. Telegraph Hill Partners http://www.thpartners.net/
  43. Three Arch Partners http://www.threearchpartners.com/
  44. TMV Capital http://www.tvm-capital.com/
  45. Ventrock Associates http://www.venrock.com/
  46. VentureMD http://venturemd.com/
  47. Versant Ventures http://www.versantventures.com/
  48. Viscogliosi Bros, LLC http://www.vbllc.com/

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