Flexuspine, startup with disc replacement, gets $2.1M in funding |

Flexuspine, startup with disc replacement, gets $2.1M in funding



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Spine disc replacement firm Flexuspine adds $2.1M to series B round (MedCityNews)

Flexuspine, which is developing a total spine disc replacement system, has added $2.1 million to a larger series B round of investment funding.

CEO Vin Jannetty declined to reveal any more information about the Pittsburgh-based company’s past, present or future fundraising, but said Flexuspine would be making a public announcement about the B round soon. The $2.1 million in funding was revealed in a regulatory document the company recently filed.

In April, the company received regulatory approval to begin a clinical feasibility study of its spinal disc replacement system. Flexuspine said at the time that the milestone marked the first approved clinical study for a total spine arthroplasty system in the U.S.

Jannetty said the company has started the trial, but wouldn’t reveal any more about it. Flexuspine is also performing studies at international sites, with the aim of using data from those studies to support a pivotal trial in the U.S.

Flexuspine’s so-called “functional spine unit” is designed to provide an alternative to spinal fusion by reestablishing mobility in an affected segment of the lumbar spine.

The company’s primary investors are Onset Ventures, the Vertical Group and Warburg Pincus.

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