Amniox Medical Brings Revolutionary Amniotic Membrane Technology to the Forefront of Podiatry

LogoAmniox Medical Brings Revolutionary Amniotic Membrane Technology to the Forefront of Podiatry

Amniox Medical Press Release

Amniox launching NEOXTM Grafts at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Annual Scientific Conference

Amniox Medical, Inc., a leader in Amnion regenerative tissue therapies, will introduce their NEOXTM Grafts at the 2012 Annual Scientific Conference of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) in San Antonio, Texas on March 1- 3. Conference attendees can visit them at Booth # 566. The 2012 ACFAS will be the inaugural attendance for Amniox. The company is looking forward to launching its products to the podiatry market, supported by 15 years of clinical history and 25 years of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding and research.

Human Amniotic Membrane transplantation has over 100 years of clinical history and has become a standard of care for numerous ophthalmic indications. Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane (C-AM) has shown regenerative healing properties in ocular surgery by reducing inflammation, pain, scarring and adhesion. Amniox Medical is introducing the unique properties of Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane to the orthopedic and podiatric markets.

“We are excited to bring our advanced technology to ACFAS. With over 100,000 human transplants behind Amniox, our unique wound and soft tissue management will soon be a standard in the orthopedic and podiatric industry,” commented Chris Fair, Amniox founder, President and CEO.

The NEOX Products from Amniox are human Amniotic Membrane grafts preserved through a patented process called CRYOTEKTM, which maintains the innate biological potential of the membrane. CRYOTEKTM processed grafts are supported by more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications

To learn more about Amniox, NEOX and CRYOTEK, visit booth 566 at the ACFAS or visit their website at To set up one-on-one meetings, please contact Jamie Hall at

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About Amniox
AMNIOXTM Medical is the leader in Amnion regenerative tissue therapies. The humanAmniotic Membrane (AM) products offered by AMNIOX Medical are preserved using the patented CRYOTEKTM Process. This unique process has been proven to be the only process that conserves the fetal scarless healing strategies innate to Amniotic Membrane. Our Amniotic Membrane products are procured through elective Cesarean donation following healthy live birth. Thorough donor screening is performed to ensure safety of our products. AMNIOX Medical is a technology partner with Bio-Tissue, Inc., the global AM leader in ophthalmology. Bio-Tissue/ AMNIOX Products have been implanted in humans in more than 100,000 cases with an excellent safety record.