6 Conference presentation summaries by Surgeons for Surgeons

teaching 2Six important orthopedics videos from February (Healio)






Orthopedics Today has highlighted six important videos from February to keep your practice up-to-date on a multitude of topics in orthopedic medicine.

1. A discussion on the pitfalls of microfracture surgeryA_discussion_on_the_pitfalls_of_microfracture_surgery

At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2015, Jack M. Bert, MD, talks about microfracture surgery and how it can negatively impact the knee joint. Watch video.

2. Steinmann talks studies of interest from ASSHSteinmann_talks_studies_of_interest_from_ASSH

Scott P. Steinmann, MD, discusses the findings and clinical relevance to orthopedic surgeons of multiple important studies presented during the American Society for Surgery of the Hand Annual Meeting. Watch video.

3. A discussion on the systemic approach to spine imaging studies

A_discussion_on_the_systemic_approach_to_spine_imaging_studiesA. Jay Khanna, MD, discusses what spine surgeons need to know regarding the systemic approach to spine imaging studies at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting. Watch video.

4. Sperling offers insights on RS

Sperling_offers_insights_on_RSAJohn W. Sperling, MD, offers several “pearls” for orthopedic surgeons regarding reverse shoulder arthroplasty at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2015. Watch video.

5. Romeo talks treatment of 4-part proximal humerus fractures

Romeo_talks_treatment_of_4-part_proximal_humerus_fracturesAnthony A. Romeo, MD, talks about 3- and 4-part proximal humerus fractures and how to treat them at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2015. Watch video.

6. Speaker details a new screening method for thromboprophylaxis after primary THA

Speaker_details_a_new_screening_method_for_thromboprophylaxis_after_primary_THAYutaka Inaba, MD, PhD, of Yokohama City University in Yokohama, Japan, spoke about his prospective study which evaluated the utility value of a new screening method which uses soluble fibrin and plasminogen-activator inhibitor 1 for pharmacological thromboprophylaxis after primary total hip arthroplasty (THA). Watch video.