AAOS: AJRR Launches Total Joint Replacement Risk Calculator

aaos29_3_26-1AJRR Launches Total Joint Replacement Risk Calculator (AAOS)

A gift from Ortho Apps helps the orthopaedic profession

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) recently received the Total Joint Replacement (TJR) Risk Calculator by Ortho Apps, a collaborative of Massachusetts General Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and the University of California, San Francisco. The risk calculator is making its debut at the AAOS Annual Meeting, and attendees are encouraged to stop by the AJRR booth in Academy Hall G to learn more and see a demonstration.

Surgeons input patient data into the calculator, and the risk is displayed in two graphs: patient mortality within 90 days and periprosthetic joint infection within 2 years. Each graph displayed contains a comparison between the patient with the selected demographics and comorbidities, a patient with similar demographics but no comorbidities, and Medicare population average.The TJR Risk Calculator is intended to assist surgeons in assessing risk associated with each patient undergoing a procedure in relation to their comorbidities and demographics. It was created using Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data from 2007–2012 and users can select from more than 30 different comorbidities to check.

“Receiving this risk calculator from Ortho Apps will enable AJRR to offer surgeons a tool to provide better patient care by becoming more educated on the risk associated with each procedure,” said AJRR executive director Jeffrey P. Knezovich, CAE.

There is no fee associated with accessing the TJR Risk Calculator. Surgeons can access the TJR Risk Calculator by visiting AJRRs website at www.ajrr.net

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