FDA clears Intellijoint’s anterior hip low cost navigation system |

FDA clears Intellijoint’s anterior hip low cost navigation system


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Canada-based Intellijoint Surgical Inc. has announced the FDA clearance of intellijoint HIP Anterior, a 3D mini-optical navigation solution that provides quantifiable, intraoperative measurements for cup position, leg length, and offset to orthopedic surgeons performing direct anterior approach (DAA) total hip arthroplasty (THA).

intellijoint HIP Anterior has been developed by a group of brilliant engineers with deep understanding of the steps involved in direct anterior hip replacement, which allows surgeons to integrate the device easily into their workflow,” said Javad Parvizi, M.D. in the March 7, 2017 news release. Dr. Parvizi, a member of Intellijoint Surgical’s Scientific Advisory Board and DAA orthopedic specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery, added, “intellijoint HIP Anterior provides quantifiable, intraoperative measurements that allows surgeons to optimally position the components, restore limb length and offset. intellijoint HIP Anterior stands to eliminate fluoroscopy verification for cup position, leg length and offset that is often used by surgeons.”

“The low-cost fee-per-case pricing model of intellijoint HIP Anterior allows me to utilize navigation for all of my total hip replacements with the Direct Anterior Approach.” commented Michael Bradley, M.D., president/CEO of Orthopedics Rhode Island. “My DAA patients have peace of mind knowing that their hip implants are positioned exactly how I planned pre-operatively, thanks to intraoperative measurements from intellijoint HIP Anterior.”

Dr. Bradley told OTW, “intellijoint HIP Anterior brings quantifiable, intraoperative measurements for cup position, leg length, and offset to my procedures without interfering with my standard workflow or adding a high cost to each hip replacement. Patients look to us for innovation and technology that seems to make a significant clinical difference. They are very pleased when you can combine the minimally invasive approach of direct anterior with technology and precision. This truly is becoming a best practice for early recovery after joint replacement.”

As indicated in the news release, “Per bench top validation testing cleared by the FDA, 20 separate simulations were performed with intellijoint HIP Anterior accurately measuring anteversion to within 0.47°and inclination to within 0.65° when compared to radiographic scans. intellijoint HIP Anterior was intuitively designed to provide cup position measurements in relation to the supine coronal plane or Anterior Pelvic Plane, depending on surgeon’s preference.”

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