ZB launches an AI app to predict early gait problems after TJR.

Note: I will be interviewing Liane Teplitsky, President, Global Robotics and Technology & Data Solutions @ ZB on the Inside Orthopedics pod to learn more about this new service and share it with you.

Introducing ZBEdge’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Model, WalkAI™ ! The launch of WalkAI marks the first feature release utilizing Zimmer Biomet’s unique ability to bring together data across the continuum of care with Artificial Intelligence, through the ZBEdge Connected Intelligence Suite. The WalkAI Model generates actionable insights early in a patient’s recovery from hip or knee surgery, to help clinicians identify those predicted to have a lower gait speed than their matched peer group.

From day 15 to day 40 post-surgery, the WalkAI Model analyzes a patient’s latest recovery metrics and creates a daily personalized prediction of their 90-day post-operative relative gait speed (relative to their pre-operative gait speed). It then identifies those who are predicted to have a low 90-day relative gait speed compared to patients like them and notifies clinicians of the exception. WalkAI is the first orthopedic Artificial Intelligence application utilizing mobility metrics in near real-time to predict the relative gait speed of patients and notify clinicians of exceptions during the course of a patient’s recovery. It was built utilizing anonymized ZBEdge data and is the first model to demonstrate our unique capability to deliver actionable predictions from connecting real-world data and AI through ZBEdge products and experiences.

WalkAI Adds Predictive Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to ZBEdge™ Connected Intelligence Suite, Offering Surgeons Data-Driven Guidance to Identify Patients with Lagging Gait Speed During Their Recovery

WARSAW, Ind., March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc. (NYSE and SIX: ZBH), a global medical technology leader, today announced the release of WalkAI™, a dynamic artificial intelligence (AI) model that identifies patients1 who are predicted to have a lower gait speed outcome at 90 days after hip or knee surgery. WalkAI, the company’s first AI-based solution, adds powerful predictive analytic capabilities to ZBEdge™, a suite of integrated smart, digital and robotic technologies purposefully engineered to deliver transformative data-powered clinical insights with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

WalkAI uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze a patient’s mobility to generate a personalized daily prediction of their gait (walking) speed at 90 days after surgery. The daily prediction is compared to anonymized, real-world data from the extensive ZBEdge database to identify when a patient’s recovery may not be on track based on predicted low gait speed.

“Using a proprietary, Zimmer Biomet-developed artificial intelligence algorithm, WalkAI is the orthopedic industry’s first and only AI-based model to create daily, personalized predictions and identify patients who may be exceptions to typical recovery curves in an effort to help surgeons mitigate or minimize poor outcomes,” said Liane Teplitsky, President, Global Robotics and Technology & Data Solutions, Zimmer Biomet. “WalkAI is built from our wealth of anonymized ZBEdge data and is the first model to demonstrate our unique capability to deliver actionable predictions by connecting real-world data and AI through ZBEdge products and experiences.”

WalkAI integrates with the mymobility® Care Management Platform, which collects patient gait data, through their iPhone®2 and when necessary, provides the WalkAI notification to healthcare professionals through the mymobility clinician dashboard.

“Our strategic prioritization and investment in R&D has solidified our position as an innovator in our space with breakthrough technologies like Persona IQ®, a first-to-world smart knee implant, mymobility Care Management Platform, ROSA® Robotics, and now, WalkAI, the first AI-based model in orthopedics to create daily personalized outcome predictions based on a patient’s gait recovery,” said Ivan Tornos, Chief Operating Officer, Zimmer Biomet. “ZBEdge is realizing our bold vision of an interconnected ecosystem of digital and robotic technologies by sharing data and unlocking clinical insights, which is now enhanced by artificial intelligence modeling.”

A first step for Zimmer Biomet’s AI platform, WalkAI has been rolled out globally to a select group of mymobility users and will be widely available as part of ZBEdge by the end of March 2022. For more information on WalkAI, visit www.zimmerbiomet.com/zbedge.

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