Why the obsession over AI, VR, and AR?

There are already dozens of global medical conferences focused on the topic of VR, AI, and AR (like this one or this one).

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are NOT products or services or procedures.

They are just are tools.

That’s it.

Let’s step back for perspective.

When the arthroscope was invented, there weren’t “arthroscope conventions” popping all over the world.

Instead, healthcare conferences focused on the new applications such as “laparoscopy” not the tool. New applications included elbow arthroscopy, foot and ankle arthroscopy, hand and wrist arthroscopy, hip arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, and shoulder arthroscopy.

Let’s turn our focus towards applications for AI, VR, AR… not the tools.

What new types procedures, treatments, systems will be come from these tools?