How Mibio’s AI-Powered Platform Improves the Surgeon Learning Curve and Patient Outcomes.

With the coming deluge of AI solutions into Medtech and orthopedics, how can any singular solution emerge as being immediately beneficial for the surgeon learning curve and, ultimately, patient outcomes?

Enter Mibio, a startup with deep roots in the R&D and peer-reviewed journal data space. Founded by Ian Rubin de la Borbolla and his brother, Ian, a former R&D lead with Medtronic’s spinal division, has utilized his background in engineering and programming to help surgeons focus on implant training in a unique fashion. 

The first step involves MibioIQ, whose PEER AI solution makes insightful correlations between thousands of  peer-reviewed articles in partnership with lead publication partner the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. With PEER AI, common metrics like gender and anatomy as well as more complex values like bone density and torque are located, tagged with metadata that establishes an interrelationship between all related articles, and is then applied as metrics during training. “Want to know how many articles discuss female patients in their 50’s with a history of scoliosis and obesity who had revision surgeries with Stryker implants? Now you can find this and other clinically relevant information in seconds”, says Ian.   

The next step incorporates the initial metrics into MibioIQ’s training software, a platform residents, fellows, professors, and surgeons can use during cadaver, sawbone, or other surgical model CME. The platform allows surgeons to use actual implants and instruments during training, and see their surgical technique instantly on a screen for better understanding relevant values that might occur daily in the OR such as torque, anatomy loads, positioning or fatigue.

Lastly, training data is stored in the cloud where participants can access a personalized dashboard with historical information.

Ian believes,”Being a surgeon is extremely difficult, and the ability to gain access to relevant peer knowledge quickly, understanding and optimizing surgical techniques, or teaching others your unique skills learned over a lifetime is invaluable. Mibio IQ quantifies these kinesthetic skills, and many surgeons can walk away from a training session in minutes with actual metrics helping them hone in on ways to improve their craft. It is inspiring to watch.” 

Until now, on-site real-time metrics have never been available using actual implants and instruments. This is the unique value proposition Mibio delivers to orthopedic skills training. 

With Mibio you can Revolutionize Hands-On Surgical Training – in 3 easy steps

① Review articles for training metrics with AI insight 

② Apply metrics + see surgical technique instantly with ACTUAL devices 

③ Review HISTORICAL training with Mibio Cloud and show it with Mibio’s IoT + Cloud + AI 

If you are a resident, a fellow, a surgeon, or leading device training programs, watch this video, then email for more information.